The Grand Central Tourbillon won the 5th Edition of the Men’s Precious Watch Award 2022 by the reknown Japenese Luxury men’s fashion magazine “Men’s precious”. The prize was given by Miho Moriya, editor-in-chief of Men’s Precious at the Award ceremony in Tokyo.

The Grand Central Tourbillon is reflecting Franck Muller’s mastery of the watchmaking art its in purest tradition. The Masterpiece offers a breathtaking spectacle, placing the tourbillon in the center of the watch.


One of the complexities of the collection lies in the fact that watchmakers had to totally rethink the watch in order to move the Tourbillon from its original position at 6 o’clock to the center of the watch. In addition to this attractive and surprising decentering, Franck Muller designers and watchmakers had to find an innovative system to display the time in the Curvex shape signature case.

“It requires considerable skill to place it in the center. But it seems Franck Muller has placed it in a tonneau shape case, a first in the world of watches, so effortlessly. It is as if the Tourbillon has been given the best possible stage.” says Mr. Koichi Namiki, Professor of Toin University of Yokohama, whose speciality is art theory.

Featuring a self-winding movement, fully manufactured in-house and offering 4 days of power reserve, thanks to an eccentric micro rotor, the timepiece presents a pure and balanced design. Its sobriety combined with its technicality, enhances the timepiece which has all the attributes of a family heritage.


Purity and balance are the guidelines of this collection. The in-house redesigned Cintrée Curvex™ case - Curvex CX - where the sapphire crystal extends all the way to the bracelet that highlights the beauty to the dial. To focus even more on the spectacle offered by the Central Tourbillon, the crystal is doomed in the center. This collection is available in different colours such as in magnificiant blue to highlight this spectacular dial, also in diamonds to add the sparkle to this exceptional timepiece. The open back allows to admire the pure traditional decorations as the Côte de Genève.