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Manfredi's expert watch buyers have the knowledge and expertise to purchase every kind of timepiece, from the finest contemporary watch makers to unique vintage watches. Our watch buyers specialize in buying Rolex, Cartier, Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet, Breitling, Lange & Söhne, Omega and other luxury and vintage watch brands. At Manfredi you are guaranteed a private selling experience, an expert evaluation, and immediate payment.

Manfredi Jewels entertains different business models for you to facilitate passing ownership of your watch.

  • Selling the watch to Manfredi Jewels
  • Trade-in the watch for a new watch sold by Manfredi Jewels
  • Consignment of your watch to Manfredi Jewels
In every case, we are ready to provide a smooth, safe, and quick process, maintaining constant communication with seller.



A – First, we require for you to fill the form on the right to provide basic information on the timepiece.

B – Within 2 business days of receiving submission Manfredi Jewels will reply with an offer range based on market values, business fit and, general impression based on pictures, or will decline the opportunity.

C – If seller accepts the preliminary offer, Manfredi Jewels will need to do a physical evaluation of the timepiece and will ship seller a pre-paid FEDEX label.

D – Seller will package the watch (plus eventual box and papers) and go to a FEDEX customer center.

E – Manfredi Jewels will receive the watch, will do a visual inspection on condition, authenticity, value and will prepare a final offer to seller within 3 business days from receiving the watch.

F – If seller accepts, Manfredi Jewels will send payment to seller.

During the selling process:

  • If seller changes the mind, the watch will be sent back with no charges to seller
  • The insurance on the watch will correspond to the highest value of the proposed offer range
  • Manfredi Jewels will ask for a copy of the seller’s ID for fraud protection.
  • All seller data will be withdrawn in case the sale will not be finalized.
  • If during the sale process seller is interested to buy a new watch (brand carried by Manfredi Jewels and timepiece currently in stock) with larger value than the one proposed for sale, we will provide 15% more value than the proposed evaluation.
  • The offer proposed by Manfredi Jewels will be valid for 30 days.
  • Manfredi Jewels reserves the right to not accept a timepiece and in this case it will be sent back to the seller at Manfredi Jewels expenses.


    We have a team of highly-trained valuation experts that conduct research on every timepiece to compile current market data on your watch. The minimum price we determine is a very thought-out, calculated value that is priced to sell. However, we will not sell the watch below the agreed-to minimum price without your approval.