Manfredi Memory: Ada & Alfons


About the Couple

“We met 6 years ago, we had mutual friends and interests so our paths would cross a lot. In the beginning we were just friends even though no matter what we went through those years we knew it was always us. 4 Years later we decided on forever he came up with the dreamiest proposal and it has been a fairytale since then.” - Ada

What made their Manfredi experience memorable?

“Manfredi is one of the few jewelry stores where you walk in at it feels like you are a part of the family. Dafina was lovely, she gave us many options and her knowledge for the industry left us speechless, we knew there was no other choice but Manfredi.” - Ada

Ada’s Manfredi engagement ring features a solitaire radiant cut diamond on a diamond band.

Ada was married wearing other jewelry from Manfredi and made a stunning bride! Read more about Ada and Alfons’s wedding on our Manfredi Memories page soon!

Congratulations, Ada and Alfons!