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I couldn’t be more impressed with this transaction.  The watch is absolutely beautiful and running at +1 seconds per day on my timegrapher.  The packing and wrapping was excellent, and the price and value for this piece was unbelievable.  You can bet I’ll be looking at the offerings on your site in the future.
Thanks again!
“I picked up the watch, it’s beautiful! Thank you again for your great service, price, and lightning fast shipping. What an easy transaction! I’m sure we will have more business for you in the future.

Have a wonderful holiday!”

“Dear Mr. Chiappelloni:

The mark of a good retailer is the customer-facing employee who provides a level of service that inspires return visits. You have such an employee in Hilary.

I own a Girard Perregaux watch given to me over 25 years ago by my now-deceased husband. It was no longer in working condition and I brought it to Manfredi Jewelers as the authorized
dealer for this watch. Hilary had it examined by your watchmaker and it was determined that it would have to be sent to Switzerland for further evaluation. I received a call from Hilary
yesterday indicating that it could not be repaired. He also told me that the evaluation both by your watchmaker and by Girard Perregaux would be done without a charge.

Hilary was most sympathetic as he understood my emotional attachment to the watch. He even suggested that I should still wear it in remembrance of the wonderful man who gave it to me. I shall do that.”

“I just completed a transaction with one of your associates, Tom Ammon.  You had a FJP Bleu listed for sale and I purchased it today.  I am an active collector and do a lot of deals with various new and ore owned watch retailers and individuals, buying, trading and selling.  It’s just a hobby/addiction I can’t seem to shake.  Anyhow, I wanted you to know how responsive Tom was, his willingness to be flexible in terms of the things I asked and ultimately I think we’re both happy with how the transaction transpired.  He was quick to reply to questions, provided a lot of detail regarding the watch itself and how it would be sent out (I can’t wait to get my hands on it tomorrow- it’s been on my hit list for a couple of years), and simply made it an ease to do business together.  You should feel good having someone representing you like Tom.  I have never purchased from you in the past but would feel very good about doing so again in the future because of the positive experience I had.  I will eventually have to make my way down to Greenwich to check out your store in person as online it looks like I’d be a kid in a candy store.  Thank you again for hiring a good person like Tom, I really feel good about the money I’ve invested in the piece and I look forward to future deals.  I had never met him and I’m sure you can appreciate the trepidation one might have spending a lot of money on a sight unseen piece with a total stranger, but he made me feel very comfortable.   Please feel free to share this with Tom if you feel it’s appropriate.”

“Hilary, thank you for your efforts in finding the last available watch.  Please let your manager know that I am appreciative and thankful for your usual stellar service.  ”

“Thank you again for all your help on Thursday and for the lovely card. Meghan loves the gift and getting it in time for the wedding really helped to make it a special day. She and I really appreciate you going above and beyond to get it to us, and we were sure to recommend you and Manfredi to many of our guests.”

“Hilary, I received my watch yesterday and I must say I am over the moon! 

On a personal note, thank you so much for helping me right through the process. I can unequivocally say that working with you was one of the best customer service experiences of my life. There was just such a huge a difference between how you worked with me compared to those at other shops (not that they did anything bad), that I would be hard pressed to consider buying from somewhere else in the future. Frankly, other ADs offered a little more competitive pricing, but the 2-3% difference hardly makes up for the different buying experiences. Please feel free to forward this to Rob or Mr. Chiappelloni, if you see fit.

I will be traveling the next couple of weekends but I will try and stop by in a few weeks time to say hi and show you the watch.”

“Good Morning Matt,
Just wanted to take a moment to say thank you for spending time with us in the store yesterday.  It was enjoyable for me to talk with someone whose knowledge far exceeds mine but is so willing to educate others.  I thoroughly enjoyed walking the store and having you explain the different watches and their origins.  As I mentioned yesterday, I only developed an interest in fine watches a few years ago, it is wonderful to see someone as young as yourself interested in fine watches!  I am very jealous in that you have my dream job! I look forward to working with you in the future.   Best of luck in all of your future endeavors and if I was you I would go for the V8!!!!!

PS I searched for an email address so that I could send a copy of this to your supervisor but found none.  Please feel free to share this with them!”

“Manfredi Jewels has a fantastic selection of world class watches which really appeals to me. They also have a fantastic selection of great jewelry.

However, the reason I am taking the time to write this is appreciation for the way I have been treated since the first day I visited their showroom. The most important things for me, when doing business with any store or choosing a service provider, is individual character! I want easy, relaxed interpersonal energy, clear communication, and mutual respect - to feel heard and understood. This in short is what you may expect when you walk into Manfredi Jewels in Greenwich! The reason for this I came to understand is the unmistakeable warmth and charm of it’s owner Roberto Chiapelloni!! In addition the store manager Robert Weintraub is also a most likeable. I am happy to acknowledge such a high class and yet comfortable place to enjoy my appreciation of fine watches and jewelry.”

“Just received the watch, cannot wait to get it size and put it on. Thank you for the great packaging and the extra pocket square gift, I just love it! Truly appreciate the great customer service, you have a client for lifetime in me.”

“Thanks again Tom for making buying a Speedy so easy. I will buy more watches from you and Manfredi”
“I also want to thank you for your time and patience. While researching is half the fun, having an experienced, knowledgable guide show me the way as I start a collection is absolutely crucial. Your taking the time to understand me, what I’m looking for, and what I hope to achieve with my “budding” collection are traits RARELY found these days, yet are central to forming long-lasting customer relationships.”
“Hi Tom,

Watch arrived today. It’s perfect! The best wrapping I have seen for all the transactions I made. You guys are best!
Look forward to buying again.

Have a good weekend”

""Hi Dafina,
Just wanted to share these photos with you of our gorgeous rings :) Thank you so much for working with us.  We've received so many compliments (not surprisingly because they are absolutely stunning).  These rings are just perfect!! Thank you again and we look forward to future purchases at Manfredi.""

“Hi Robert, 
As another Christmas - Hanukah gift giving season winds down, I find myself thinking about the experiences I have had this year... And once again, I one of the sweet moments that stands out was at Manfredi’s in Greenwich!

I became acquainted with this extraordinary showroom on Greenwich Ave. a few years ago. From the first moment I stepped through their doors I could sense the unmistakeable warmth and hospitality! There was no sales pressure at all. Because they carry an extensive line of world class watches which I appreciate, I returned periodically and eventually did purchase a watch. That happened on the day I first met Roberto Chiapelloni, owner of Manfredi. 

Rather than a lot of words trying to describe what keeps me coming back, I’l simply say it is about Fine Character!!! And like individual personality... when it is the result of the best values and integrity, it is consistent, appealing and easy to respect and appreciate! 

Whenever I am in the area, I stop in if for no other reason than to enjoy a sweet moment in my day! Consistency!!”