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Timepiece & Jewelry Repairs

Timepiece & Jewelry Repairs

We pride ourselves on not only helping you to find the perfect treasure for you or a loved one, but also offering loyal service as you enjoy it over the years. We are happy to offer a quick turnaround for our in-house work done by master watchmakers who are trained in all aspects of watch repair. From vintage pocket watches to modern day complications, the watchmakers Manfredi Jewels can service your timepiece making it both run and look like new again. 

Along with our master watchmakers, we are also pleased to have a master goldsmith on premises who specializes in both repairs and custom creations. Working with platinum, silver and gold, as well as diamonds, pearls and other precious gems, Manfredi Jewels is the ideal place to bring your treasured jewels back to life, or to create that special something that you have always wanted.

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