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Podcasts: The Rare Watch Man


The global stamp of approval for a rare watch brand is to be sold in Manfredi jewels In Greenwich CT.  If you love entrepreneur stories, you’ll enjoy this one. This is an 8-part series of how a 30 year business In Greenwich, CT became one of the leading rare watch stores in the world.

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  • The Rare Watch Man: <span> Episode 1 </span>

    It all started with 2 guys who owned a pawn shop who came to dinner at Roberto’s Italian restaurant in Queens one night. Roberto was a hustling restaurant owner at night, waiter at another restaurant by day to pay the bills. Manfredi jewels happened accidentally.

  • The Rare Watch Man: <span> Episode 2 </span>

    On Being Fearless . Roberto says he blames former president, Ronald Reagan, for his decision to open Manfredi Jewels. Reagan made him believe he could do anything as long as he believed in himself and believed in the amazing opportunities America had to offer.

  • The Rare Watch Man: <span> Episode 3 </span>

    Why Manfredi Jewels was voted one of the best retail stores in the country. The restaurant guy asked his friend a talented jewelry designer to help designs his original store with free standing kiosks displayed his watches and jewelry at high level, allowing the luxury items ...

  • The Rare Watch Man: <span> Episode 4 </span>

    Roberto says that he hates to call these amazing time pieces investments. He responds, "I'm not in the investment business and to predict the future is not part of my ability." But he says, yes, they've seen many of the watches go up to astronomical prices, very often after a long ...

  • The Rare Watch Man: <span> Episode 5 </span>

    Roberto is passionate about attending watch fairs around the world and loves seeking out the small independent watch brands. He says this past January he attended one of the most premier watch fairs in the world hosted in Geneva, Switzerland.

  • The Rare Watch Man: <span> Episode 6 </span>

    Throughout history men have always been fascinated by mechanical wonders so how has technology changed this experience? Roberto says his store is dedicated to delivering wonderful time pieces and the human experience.

  • The Rare Watch Man: <span> Episode 7 </span>

    Men don’t have that many ways to show off a rare watch is like a Ferrari for the wrist. Roberto says he is happy to be back to work after a long time off in Italy and Switzerland. Knowing from his previous interviews that the Swiss are rare watch geniuses ...

  • The Rare Watch Man: <span> Episode 8 </span>

    The final episode in a series of how Roberto Chiappelloni created a 30-year-old business, called Manfredi Jewels and how it became one of the leading watch stores in the world… Though we live in a digital time, rare watches and watches ...