Manfredi Memory: Ian & Tiffany

Engaged on August 27th, 2023

About the Couple

"We got engaged on August 27th, 2023. I told her that I had gotten reservations at Bad Roman in Manhattan but before we went I had to pick up something from my friend in Central Park. When we got there of course she did not want to walk in heels through Central Park to pick up what I needed but I convinced her to come with me. In the park I had a friend set up a “Marry Me?” sign with rose pedals. Walking past she had no idea saying “wow so nice” and as we got closer she stopped and ask if this was for her. She started to cry tears of joy. The second surprise was that she believed we were going to Bad Roman for dinner but I took her to the place we had our first date where our friends and family would surprise her." - Ian

What made their Manfredi experience memorable?

"My experience at Manfredi Jewels was unmatched. Kate was amazing; Very knowledgeable and helpful in selecting the diamond for my fiancé." - Ian

Tiffany’s beautiful engagement ring features a solitaire cushion cut diamond with a hidden halo and is set on an elegant pave rose gold band.

Congratulations, Ian and Tiffany!