Manfredi Memory: Erin & Matthew

Married on June 20th, 2020

About the Couple

"Matthew and I met at a Manhattan bar, where his bold move of buying me a drink led to our first date at a restaurant named Florence, which I had told him was my favorite place. After a year of dating, life and frustration led to a two-year breakup, but we eventually gave love another chance. Matthew proposed three years later, and we planned a fancy white wedding. Due to COVID-19, we had to adjust our plans to be something more intimate. Despite everything, our dearest family and friends surprised us by showing up to support us in such a wonderful way. Matthew and I felt so loved as we began our journey as husband and wife. Since then, we have built a beautiful family with two boys, a cute dog, and a home in Rye, NY, in between our childhood homes. If I had to summarize our love story in a quote, it would be Shakespeare: “Love is not love which alters when it alteration finds.” True love conquers all!" - Erin

What made their Manfredi experience memorable?

"Manfredi jewels helped make our engagement and big day so special! Everyone at the store in Greenwich got to know us as a couple and helped us pick out the pieces that were perfect for our love story. Thank you Manfredi for helping us create our beautiful life, we will be lifelong customers! " - Erin

Tell us about your Manfredi piece.

Matthew worked with Dafina to select the perfect ring for Erin which features a beautiful cushion cut center stone with a round halo and pave band.

We are so honored to be a part of your love story! Congratulations, Erin and Matt!