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A. Link | Manfredi New Canaan

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    • GENERATIONS OF MASTERY Since 1904, A. Link has been renowned for creating elegant and timeless diamond jewelry. The company, founded by Adolph Link of Vienna, has always endeavored to please the most discerning of diamond lovers who search for a perfect mix of unparalleled design and superior European craftsmanship. Today, still family-owned and operated in New York by Jeffrey Link and Douglas Sills, A. Link is celebrating their 110th Anniversary in 2014, and continues propel itself as a master in the diamond jewelry world. Through the philosophy of an abiding devotion to quality and service, A. Link became the first to champion diamonds cut to uniform parameters, creating diamond jewelry of unrivaled brilliance. Such dazzling effects are due to the A. Link signature “60/60” cut diamonds, where the table and depth percentages average the same – maximizing the diameter, weight and reflectivity of each diamond. This “60/60” tradition still continues today in every piece of diamond jewelry that A. Link creates. Link diamonds are famed for their spectacular beauty and consistency of appearance. From the signature Diamond Opera Necklace collection to the vast collection for Forevermark, A. Link diamond jewelry is a testament to longevity, quality, and craftsmanship for the woman who adorns each unique piece. The Beauty is in the Brilliance.


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