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2021 Jewelry Trends

This winter, we’re eyeing jewelry trends that can work for any (virtual) occasion, whether it be a Zoom meeting, date, or family call — all of which call for a smattering of accoutrements. After all, just because we’ve gone digital doesn’t mean we shouldn’t wear our favorite pieces.


Below are five jewelry trends that will start you on the right path for 2021. Whether we have to stay indoors a little longer and perfect our Zoom backgrounds or we finally get to venture into an office and commiserate about how much we miss working from home, this selection of rings, bracelets, earrings, and necklaces will work for any scenario.


Chains with bold pendants

2021 Jewelry Trends

          Lucky Move Pendant    Satin Lock Pendant   Link Chain Pendant 


Collar Necklaces

2021 Jewelry Trends

Gauge Collar Necklace  Flower Collar Necklace   Petali Flower Collar Necklace 



2021 Jewelry Trends

              Pearl Pendant        Pearl Bracelet      Mini Hoop Earrings


Flower Pendant

2021 Jewelry Trends

  White Diamond Earrings     Flower Earrings           Garden Earrings


Layer it up

2021 Jewelry Trends

          Heart Necklace       Baguette Necklace       YG Pave Necklace


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