Find services like watch repair, part replacement, polishing, maintenance, and more at Manfredi Jewels in New Canaan and Greenwich, Connecticut.



At Manfredi Jewels, we consider horology to be a specialty achieved only through years of top tier education and experience. From the onset of our business, we’ve been passionate about providing Connecticut with the finest timepieces in the world. This is not only reflected by our fantastic selection of top designer brands but also by the quality of our services. Our incredible staff consists of professionally trained watchmakers who are well-equipped to repair, maintain, polish, and overhaul your timepieces. There’s nothing our incredible team can’t do to ensure the longevity of a watch. With Manfredi Jewels, every timepiece can last a lifetime.


Professional Watch Repair Services Available


Watches face many obstacles. The sheer amount of moving parts and delicate machinery makes them vulnerable to society’s many environmental threats. While some are more obvious like salt water, some are not. Dust, humidity, and body oil can build up like grime in the piece. Even if the watch is cleaned often, these vile elements can harm the long-term potential of the timepiece. As such, every watch needs to be taken to a jeweler for regular maintenance, polishing, and inspection. Manfredi Jewels is your one-stop shop for all of these services and more.

We offer many watch repair services. They include, but are not limited to:

  • Polishing the case and bracelet
  • Part replacement, including crystal, gasket, strap, and battery
  • Calibrating and regulating movement
  • Time testing, accuracy measurement
  • Warranty processing
  • Crown and stem replacement
  • Complete overhauls

All of these technically demanding tasks are conducted by our masterful team. We can work with almost any brand, no matter how luxurious. In addition to wristwatches, we can also repair and maintain pocket watches and other timepieces. Be it a vintage piece or a modern marvel, there’s nothing our experts can’t handle.


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Discover the ultimate in luxury and excellence at Manfredi Jewels. For decades, we’ve been offering superb timepieces and jewelry to the Constitution State. At both our New Canaan and Greenwich jewelry stores, you will witness a fantastic realm of beauty and mastery. In addition to selling accessories, our staff is ready to help ensure that every piece in your collection lasts for many years to come. Our jewelry repair services are just as good as our watch repair services. Have questions? We have answers. Call our New Canaan showroom at (203) 966-8705 and our Greenwich shop at (203) 622-1414 to speak with our staff.