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With many characteristics, styles, and silhouettes to choose from, picking out the perfect engagement ring can seem daunting. Our experts at Manfredi Jewels have put together this guide to help you nail down the most important element of your ring: the center stone shape. From round to princess, emerald to marquise, each different cut offers a unique style.


Round Cut Diamonds

The round cut is the most popular diamond cut, making up about 75% of all engagement rings on the market. It is the most brilliant shape, with 58 facets reflecting light for a supremely glittering ring.


Those with a proclivity for timeless, classic designs will likely love a round cut diamond. Round cut stones meld easily with almost any ring setting, from solitaries to side stones to halo. This shape is effortlessly beautiful and will likely never go out of style.



Princess Cut Diamonds

The princess is the second most popular diamond cut, distinguished by its perfectly squared shape and sharp corners. This cut offers a delightful amount of contrast, a balance of light and dark when shifted in the light, and can feature up to 76 tiny facets.


Princess cut diamonds are contemporarily fashionable, geometric delightful, and boldly feminine (hence the name “princess”). These glamorous stones are perfect for those who seek to make a statement with their jewelry and, more specifically, their engagement ring.

Oval Cut Diamonds

Considered an elongated version of the round cut, oval cut diamonds are delightfully brilliant with a slightly more feminine and vintage feel. They typically have a similar visual effect to the round cut with 57 or 58 sparkling facets.


The oval cut is said to both elongate the appearance of the wearer’s fingers and give the illusion of a larger stone. Brides with a penchant for romantic designs will fawn over any ring featuring this softly curving shape.



Emerald Cut Diamonds

The emerald cut is a rectangular cut said to produce a “hall of mirrors” effect with its elongated, parallel facets. This shape is widely adored for its unique, eye-catching appearance and ability to reveal the true clarity of the diamond.


Only 3% of the world’s diamonds are cut in this shape, making it a fan favorite among those with eccentric styles. Engagement rings featuring an emerald cut stone hearken back to Art Deco with elegance and sophistication.

Pear Shape Diamonds

One of the few vertically asymmetrical cuts available, the pear shaped diamond is rounded at one end and pointed at the other, resembling a teardrop. This cut carries almost as much brilliance as the round, with an added visual interest of a pointed edge.


Brides looking for something soft and romantic yet distinctive will likely find what they are looking for in this cut. Many designers like to experiment with this cut in unconventional settings as the shape itself is unusual.


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