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Grand Seiko Elegance Collection Spring Drive  SBGA407

Grand Seiko Elegance Collection

Spring Drive



A classical case that conveys the atmosphere of the first GS, and a spring drive model that reflects the "snowflake blue" dial, has emerged. The distinctive dial pattern, which is inspired by the beauty of the snow in the Shinshu region. This pattern is known as "Snowflake" and used mainly as dial finish, and has gained popularity from around the world. This is the first blue color model to be colored while emphasizing the delicate texture of Japanese paper, which is unique to snow and white dials.


  • Snowflake dial

    The Snowflake dial used for the first time in 2005 was colored with pale blue to image the snow from the Shinshu Watch Studio, the birthplace of Spring Drive.
    It has succeeded in realizing a designer's idea of expressing the beauty of Shinshu on the dial, and is characterized by a texture that shows a rough snow surface, which is caused by severe cold.

  • Classic style

    The design embodies a pure classical elegance with a box-shaped sapphire crystal, Zaratsu polished lugs, and a blue steel seconds hand complementing the Snowflake dial.



Caliber 9R65

Our company unveiled Spring Drive in 1999, but its lack of a sufficiently effective automatic winding mechanism and 72-hour power reserve prevent its adoption in the Grand Seiko line. After a further four years of development, the first Grand Seiko 9R Spring Drive was created.
The winding system and drive time were improved from the existing 48-hour manual winding system to an automatic 72-hour power reserve. The automatic winding mechanism uses Seiko's original Magic Lever mechanism developed in 1959, but with improved productivity, maintainability, and durability to enhance winding efficiency.
Caliber 9R65 is currently the most standard of the 9R Spring Drive movements, and is used in many Grand Seiko models.


Grand Seiko Elegance Collection
Spring Drive

Grand Seiko Elegance Collection Spring Drive  SBGA407


[ Caliber 9R65 ]

Available in June 2019

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