Grand Seiko Heritage Collection
Limited Edition

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From the Grand Seiko Heritage Collection, a limited edition model has emerged that focuses on autumn in Japan.
The dial captures the scenery seen in the mountainous areas of Japan in which the leaves gradually turn to a deep red as the season changes from summer to autumn.

This limited model, expresses the unique scenery of autumn in Japan, showing a range of gradations of the leaves that gradually turn red. Its colors reflects not only the leaves of autumn but also the way that their colors are reflected in the lacquered wooden floors of traditional Japanese architecture.


A special dial that expresses the colors of autumn leaves in Japan.
The vertical dial patterns are in the image of traditional Japanese wooden floors that reflect the foliage of red leaves. The interaction of the dial colors, produce a Japanese seasonal tradition.

Built around an elegant yet simple watch face, this new design exemplifies a uniquely Japanese style.
Two finely polished surfaces of the case with a distortion-free mirror finish extend to the very edge of the lug creating a perfect triangle that is then applied hairline finishing. This design form can only be achieved by the most skilled Grand Seiko craftsmen and women through the careful use of multi-faceted Zaratsu polishing.

You can look through the see-through case back to see the special edition mechanical high-beat 36000 Caliber 9S85.
The titanium-made oscillating weight, which has been anodized to a blue-green color, exhibits the shade of green leaves that have not yet been dyed in red, allowing the seasonal shifts to be felt along with the deep red dials.


MECHANICAL HI-BEAT 36000Caliber 9S85

The challenge of making a high-beat movement is one that only a few watchmakers choose to accept. With its higher oscillation rate of ten beats per second, greater accuracy is achievable, but this increased precision comes at a price because
the faster rotational speed can take its toll on the power reserve and
even the longevity of the whole movement. Grand Seiko's 10 beat movement
meets these challenges and delivers an accuracy of +5 to –3 seconds a day,
a power reserve of 55 hours and the durability for which every Grand Seiko watch is renowned. Caliber 9S85 is the result of many years of development and of advances both in the design and manufacture of components and in the materials themselves.

Grand Seiko Heritage Collection
Limited Edition

Manfredi Jewels watches & jewelry galleryManfredi Jewels watches & jewelry galleryManfredi Jewels watches & jewelry gallery

SBGH269[Caliber 9S85]

Limited Edition of 900

Available Autumn 2019