Helpful Watch Complications

Luxury watches provide the ease of timekeeping on your wrist with stylish designs that match any aesthetic. Complications are valuable tools on watches for added functionality. There are many different complications out there, and it may seem overwhelming at first if this is the first time you are buying an impressive watch. Our experts at Manfredi Jewels are ready to help you find the watch with the complications you need and the style you enjoy within your budget.

Bell & Ross BR 05 GMT


GMT stands for Greenwich Mean Time and shows multiple time zones on the watch's dial. This complication is perfect for travelers with coworkers, family members, or loved ones in different time zones. In this bicoastal age, this complication is vital for any professional.


This Bell & Ross GMT watch will be lovely for daily wear with its durable sterling silver case and strap, along with a soothing blue watch face. Contemporary and water-resistant, this watch will be great for whatever adventures await.




One of the most prevalent complications is the day/date view. The day/date will keep you on track with your schedule no matter what is going on in your life. Many designers create embellishments and attractive details to accentuate this complication better. Stylish and intriguing, many high-end timepieces sport this essential feature.
This rose gold Vacheron Constantin watch has a classic feel that will be great for both daily wear and elegant attire for special occasions. The power reserve will also keep this machine precise for long periods for an extended sophisticated style.


Basically a stopwatch for your watch, a chronograph will be adored for its functionality by athletes and professionals alike. Chronographs can have either one or two “pushers,” which are essentially buttons on the watch’s side. If it has two, the wearer can stop and resume the timer. If not, the chronograph simply resets itself. Modern chronographs usually have two pushers, as it is more convenient.


The Montblanc Heritage Chronograph watch has a luxurious but easy-to-read aesthetic. Its black leather strap and stainless steel clasp for a bold but accessible look. The sleek case and strap will adapt to many different situations and aesthetics. Double pushers will make this stylish watch even more manageable to use in your daily life.




Keep track of the moon with a moon phase complication. This complication is generally artistically displayed on the dial of the timepieces that include this tool. A Zenith Elite Moonphase watch features an intriguingly modern design with a minimalistic look. Whether the moon is full, waxing, or waning, these complications show it with an artistic flourish.

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