About Estate Jewelry

At Manfredi Jewels, we offer a plethora of beautiful, high-end estate jewelry. These marvelous accessories are similar to designer jewelry, with the only difference being that they are pre-owned. The moniker “estate jewelry” helps reinforce the fact that these are high-quality luxury pieces made by designer brands, skilled artisans, and other talented goldsmiths. Note that estate jewelry does not always mean that it was inherited and sold. So long as it is appraised and judged to be of quality and worth, it is considered estate jewelry. Find the perfect accessory for you among our exceptional selection of estate jewelry.

Popular Estate Jewelry Designers

Estate jewelry tends to be vintage or antique. They can offer delightfully eccentric pieces in styles that are challenging to find in contemporary jewelry. Milgrain beading, fantastical filigree, and clever gemstone patterns were common design elements in the past but have become less ubiquitous now. Art deco, art nouveau, and retro all have enticing aesthetics that make them striking. Colorful gemstones like opal and coral can also be found in our estate jewelry selection. While most fine jewelry companies focus on materials like gold and diamonds, there is much more to discover in these pre-owned masterpieces.


In addition to unique styles and designs, many rarities can be found in our estate jewelry selection. Browse genuine pieces ideal for making a statement, with enchanting gemstone accessories and brooches. Sapphire butterflies, dazzling evil eyes, and more await anyone interested in these pieces. Another quality is the relic nature of these accessories. With each piece of estate jewelry, you continue a story of beauty and glamor. These accessories were adored by its past owner. Whoever they were, they instilled these pieces with appreciation and care. This ensures that every estate accessory is made with high-end materials and craftsmanship.

Discover Estate Jewelry at Manfredi Jewels

At Manfredi Jewels, we take pride in our vast selection of estate jewelry, designer brands, and more. Our decades of experience serving our Connecticut community ensures that we can provide a peerless, personalized shopping experience to each and every one of our customers. No matter what you seek, find it at its best in our New Canaan and Greenwich showrooms. Both our stores are staffed with a top-notch team capable of guiding patrons through our extensive selection of fine jewelry. Want to know more about estate jewelry? Email Info@ManfrediJewels.com to speak with our staff.