Manfredi Launches ‘The Rare Watch Man’ Podcast Series

Debbie Nigro

Recognized as one of the finest watch and jewelry retailers in the U.S., Manfredi Jewels is home to some of the rarest timepieces from around the world and an authority on fine watchmaking. The luxury retailer has created its first series of radio podcasts appropriately entitled “The Rare Watch Man.”

Manfredi has teamed up with award winning syndicated Talk Radio Personality and Entrepreneur Debbie Nigro to create this one-of-a-kind series. Each of the 8 episodes will feature in-depth interviews with the Manfredi Jewels owner and rare watch collector Roberto Chiappelloni. He will provide his insights on collecting fine timepieces, the history of some of the most iconic watch brands, the state of the luxury industry today as well as personal stories and recommendations for all watch collectors.

“I loved teaming up with Debbie to create these podcasts,” says Chiappelloni. “One of my greatest loves in this world is watches. ‘The Rare Watch Man’ Series gave me a unique opportunity to share my experience and knowledge with others. If you do something you have passion for, then life is easy’”

Upcoming “The Rare Watch Man” episodes include:

  • Episode 1: Chiappelloni recounts his early childhood and how he first discovered fines watches.
  • Episode 2: Listeners will learn the inspirational story of how Roberto Chiappelloni opened his first retail store in Greenwich.
  • Episode 3: Chiappelloni provides a brief history of some of the most recognizable watch brands such as Vacheron Constantin, Breguet and Audemars Piguet and why they are a part of his collection.
  • Episode 8 : Chiappelloni discusses the future of the rare watch business and how the Apple watch will actually strengthen the fine timepiece industry.

This is the first ever Hybrid Live Radio/Podcast Series created by Debbie Nigro’s ‘World Class Interviews Division.’ “The global stamp of approval for a rare watch brand is to be sold in Manfredi’s store in Greenwich, says Nigro. “That’s a good story and a long way from where Roberto grew up on a farm in Piacenza, Italy, the place he learned about the Italian passion for watches, and fine mechanical works of art. I am so excited about this podcast because nothing of its kind exists right now.”

As Manfredi Jewels attracts customers from every corner of the world, his fascinating and insightful Podcast Series “The Rare Watch Man can now be shared with both his local audience, and his global audience through On Demand Podcasting, on iTunes at and at

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