Montblanc 1858 And The Power of Reconnecting Through Nature


Montblanc 1858 And The Power of Reconnecting Through Nature

In today’s fast-paced and interconnected world, finding the inner clarity and inspiration to focus on the things that really matter can be challenging, but stepping outside to experience nature can help us reconnect with who we are and the world around us. Montblanc’s new campaign tells the story of two different individuals, each on their own journey of self-discovery through nature, accompanied by the Montblanc 1858 Geosphere, a Montblanc watch that pays tribute to the legendary Minerva watches from the 1930’s and captures the spirit of the great outdoors.

The visuals and films capture two remarkable men, in the midst of a busy day at work as they progress towards the need for reconnection: fashion photographer Dennis Leupold and singer-songwriter Kristian Matsson, who performs as The Tallest Man on Earth.  From a busy day on a shoot to a venue full of avid concertgoers, the two protagonists are suddenly transported to the soothing sights and sounds of nature, and are inevitably faced with the beauty of their surroundings as a way back to themselves. As they experience their journey, their faces are kept in the shadows only to be revealed as they truly are at the end; ready to leave their mark on the world with creativity and a heightened sense of purpose.

“It is sometimes easy to get caught up in the intense pace of life and forget that the best way to recalibrate and find focus is to experience the beauty of nature. Any kind of outdoor exploration is a great source of inspiration, contributing to greater creativity, happiness, and inner strength” says Nicolas Baretzki, Montblanc CEO. “By sharing the special stories of these two remarkable individuals who transition from a hectic work day to be faced with the beauty of nature and their own existence, this campaign becomes an reminder to everyone to immerse themselves in the great outdoors as a way to reconnect with themselves and the world.”

The natural feel of the campaign mirrors the aesthetic of the Montblanc 1858 Geosphere watch. A vintage inspired timepiece meant to be a trusted companion for fearless adventurers and explorers, the new timepiece captures the spirit of the outdoors with a bronze case, brand-new khaki-green dial and matching coloured “NATO” straps.

Minerva – more than 161 years of fine watchmaking heritage

Montblanc Villeret’s watchmaking tradition began in 1858 when Charles-Yvan Robert founded a watch workshop in the Saint-Imier valley. The Manufacture progressively gained international recognition for its precision timepieces, becoming a leading specialist in the manufacturing of professional watches and stopwatches. Upholding the Minerva legacy and paying tribute to more than 161 years of fine watchmaking history, the Maison’s horological achievements have become the inspiration for the development of the Montblanc 1858 timepieces.

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Synonymous with excellence in craftsmanship and design, Montblanc has been pushing the boundaries of innovation ever since the Maison first revolutionized the culture of writing in 1906. Ingenuity and imagination continue to be driving forces for the Maison today as it advances its expression of fine craftsmanship across product categories: luxury writing instruments, watches, leather goods, new technologies and accessories.  Reflecting upon its ongoing mission to create fine lifetime companions born from bold ideas and crafted to excellent standards through the skills of the Maison’s artisans, the iconic Montblanc Emblem has become the ultimate seal of performance, quality and an expression of sophisticated style. With its origins deeply rooted in the culture of handwriting, Montblanc continues to assert its cultural commitment around the world honouring modern day patrons who support the advancement of the arts, as well as wide-ranging initiatives that promote arts and culture.

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