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Floral Inspired Pieces for Spring 2024

April 27th, 2024

Explore a selection of floral inspired jewelry that's perfect for spring and appropriate all year round!

Valentine's Day 2024 Gift Ideas!

January 31, 2024

Think about some of the following gift ideas and visit us in our Greenwich or New Canaan location to select the perfect piece for your Valentine where you will also find a selection of jewelry that is up to 50% off!

Sparkle and Shine with SWAGGER in 2024!

January 20, 2024

Manfredi Jewels New Canaan hosts New Canaan resident, client, and award winning author, Jennifer Mrozek Sukalo, to help our clients Sparkle and Shine in 2024!


December 14, 2023

Franck Muller is proud to unveil its new masterpiece, the Giga Tourbillon Vienne. Three unique timepieces inspired from Vienna’s iconic landmarks, the Schloss Schönbrunn, St. Stephen’s Cathedral and the Wiener Staatsoper, the emblematic opera house.


December 8, 2023

Franck Muller challenges the boundaries of fine watchmaking even further with the unveiling of the Vanguard™ Slim Skeleton. This collection combines a slim movement, entirely manufactured in-house, with the iconic Vanguard case and numerals.


November 30, 2023

Franck Muller is proud to announce its artful collaboration with the talented Dutch artist Loes Van Delft, to create a timepiece that transcends conventional watch design. The result of their artistic synergy is the Vanguard Color Dreams Loes Van Delft Limited Edition, a unique timepiece with a distinctive design reflecting the worlds of Franck Muller and Loes Van Delft.


November 27, 2023

Franck Muller is delighted to unveil the Crazy Hours Arctic Snoopy, a limited edition in collaboration with Bamford Watch Department and PEANUTS™. Featuring PEANUTS’ globally beloved character, Snoopy, the limited edition is available in 45 timepieces.


November 22, 2023

The Curvex CX Piano offers a pure and graceful design. The Piano collection features a clean and glossy black dial, where the entire elements have been removed, including the numerals, in order to accentuate the black laqué piano and the beauty of the timepiece.


November 22, 2023

Franck Muller is delighted to launch its new Vanguard Racing Vegas Limited Edition, a special timepiece in honour of the Grand Prix in Las Vegas, taking place from the 16th to the 19th November 2023.


November 16, 2023

It is immediately recognisable by its two crowns and internal rotating bezel. The new LONGINES LEGEND DIVER is now resurfacing with a 39 mm diameter, faithful to the original 1959 model from which it takes its inspiration. This authentic tool-watch is available with a black or blue dial. Longines has always associated its name with the world of…


August 2, 2023

Franck Muller is proud to present the Rally Maya Limited Edition 2023 timepieces collection. Unveiled in the Vanguard Slim case, the collection is inspired from the famous Mexican event of classic automobiles cars.

Grand Seiko - The 25th anniversary of the 9S mechanical calibers - Chapter 18

July 26, 2023

The details make the difference.

Grand Seiko - The 25th anniversary of the 9S mechanical calibers - Chapter 17

July 18, 2023

Precision in every aspect of time


July 12, 2023

Franck Muller is proud to unveil the world premiere of an emblematic timepiece: the Master Jumper. An exceptional piece with an incredible jumping hours, minutes and date complication featuring three apertures offering a new reading time on a sublime dial.

Grand Seiko - The 25th anniversary of the 9S mechanical calibers - Chapter 16

July 10, 2023

The Grand Seiko Standard. Always high and ever evolving.

Grand Seiko - The 25th anniversary of the 9S mechanical calibers - Chapter 15

Jun 29, 2023

The Caliber 9S Twin-Barrel System. A first for Grand Seiko.

Grand Seiko - The 25th anniversary of the 9S mechanical calibers - Chapter 14

Jun 20, 2023

The Grand Seiko Free-sprung Balance. The key to high precision.

ZENITH Launch Unique Timepiece for the Susan G Komen® Breast Cancer Organization

Jun 10, 2023

As part of an ongoing partnership with the Susan G Komen®, the world’s leading breast cancer organization, 2023 sees the unveiling of a one-of-a-kind ZENITH CHRONOMASTER Original Pink timepiece at the prestigious Phillip’s New York Watch Auction: EIGHT, with 100% of the proceeds donated to the organization.

Grand Seiko - The 25th anniversary of the 9S mechanical calibers - Chapter 13

Jun 9, 2023

The Dual Impulse Escapement. A true innovation.

Grand Seiko - The 25th anniversary of the 9S mechanical calibers - Chapter 12

May 30, 2023

25 years of innovation and evolution. Heat treatment of critical components. How to ensure lasting quality.

Grand Seiko - The 25th anniversary of the 9S mechanical calibers - Chapter 11

May 19, 2023

25 years of innovation and evolution. Grand Seiko and the “Nature of Time”

Grand Seiko - The 25th anniversary of the 9S mechanical calibers - Chapter 10

May 10, 2023

25 years of innovation and evolution Zaratsu polishing, the key to Grand Seiko’s “sparkle of quality”

Grand Seiko - The 25th anniversary of the 9S mechanical calibers - Chapter 9

Apr 26, 2023

25 years of innovation and evolution The 44GS, from 1967 to today


Thu 11, 2023

Looking for the perfect gift to celebrate the superwoman in your life this Mother's Day? Check out our curated selection of elegant jewelry and stylish timepieces that will show mom just how much you appreciate her. Let us help you make this Mother's Day one she'll never forget with a gift that she will cherish forever.


Apr 25, 2023

In honour of the 20th Anniversary of the Crazy Hours, Franck Muller and Hom Nguyen joined up their talents for the second time

Manfredi l Designer Jewelry

Apr 25, 2023

Designer jewelry is known for its high-quality craftsmanship and exquisite design. Each piece is crafted with attention to detail

Diamond Certification

Apr 21, 2023

Certified diamonds are diamonds that have been graded and evaluated by a reputable gemological laboratory.

Grand Seiko - The 25th anniversary of the 9S mechanical calibers - Chapter 8

Apr 18, 2023

25 years of innovation and evolution. “Ever-Brilliant Steel” for enhanced durability and a unique look

Hearts On Fire

Apr 17, 2023

At Manfredi Jewels, we take great pride in providing our customers with exceptional jewelry and service. That's why we're thrilled to offer pieces from Hearts On Fire

Gemstone Jewelry Guide

Apr 11, 2023

Discover the magic of gemstone jewelry at Manfredi Jewels in Greenwich and New Canaan, Connecticut.

All About Tacori

Apr 8, 2023

At Manfredi Jewels, we take great care in curating our inventory to include only the finest pieces from the industry’s top-tier designers.

Grand Seiko - The 25th anniversary of the 9S mechanical calibers - Chapter 7

Apr 7, 2023

25 years of innovation and evolution. The Grand Seiko TENTAGRAPH. The high-beat, high-performance chronograph.


Apr 6, 2023

Once again, the 33rd edition of the WPHH was absolutely unforgettable. During one week, our partners entered the creative and fascinating world of Franck Muller.


Feb 12, 2023

At Manfredi Jewels, we offer a wide variety of luxurious accessories. Our highest mission is to fulfill our guests

Best Jewelry Store

Jan 11, 2023

For over 30 years, Manfredi Jewels has been the leading luxury jewelry source in New Canaan and Greenwich, Connecticut.

Designer Watch Brands

Feb 11, 2023

While we are well-known for our fine selections of jewelry, our story begins as a high-end watch store.

Guide to Precious Metals

Dec 27, 2022

Jewelry is a timeless art making use of a wide variety of glamorous materials. Precious metals like sterling silver, gold, and platinum

Always Diamonds! A Guide to April Birthstone Jewelry

Mar 29, 2023

Discover our favorite uses of the famous April birthstone in designer jewelry from Manfredi Jewels.

About Estate Jewelry

Mar 3, 2023

At Manfredi Jewels, we offer a plethora of beautiful, high-end estate jewelry. These marvelous accessories are similar to designer jewelry, with the only difference being

Questions To Ask Your Bridal Jewelry Expert

Mar 9, 2023

Bridal jewelry – engagement rings, wedding bands, and anniversary rings – are typically forged in high-quality precious metals and fitted

Luxury Jewelry

Mar 6, 2023

Nothing allows one to express their unique personality, style, and aesthetic preferences in their ensembles like a carefully-chosen piece of luxury jewelry

Guide to Diamond Clarity

Mar 5, 2023

Diamonds are naturally brilliant and beautiful, possessing many desirable characteristics. Whether mined from the earth or grown in a laboratory

High End Jewelry Store

Jan 19, 2023

When you are looking for the perfect piece of luxury, Manfredi Jewels specializes in assisting you with all of your fine jewelry needs since 1988.

Best Online Jewelry Store

Jan 17, 2023

In this day and age, online shopping has become a more and more alluring option for jewelry lovers. Shoppers can scroll through any jewelry store’s inventory

Great Jewelry for Every Date

Jan 14, 2023

You want to make the best impression on a date, whether it’s your first or thirtieth. To do so, wear a special ensemble, including a marvelous accessory.

Family-Owned Jewelry Store

Jan 13, 2023

It has always been our ultimate joy at Manfredi Jewelers to serve the beautiful state of Connecticut

Why Shop Jewelry Online

Dec 23, 2023

As the internet quickly advances and brings innovation to society, online shopping has become a preferred option for many shoppers

Grand Seiko - The 20th anniversary of the 9R Spring Drive calibers

January 24, 2024

Spring Drive is a watchmaking technology that reflects the true nature of time with a uniquely Japanese aesthetic. Crafted within the Shinshu Watch Studio, located in a Seiko Epson facility in Nagano Prefecture, it uses a mainspring as its power source, just like a mechanical watch. It does so while maintaining the precision of an electronic watch with an integrated circuit and a crystal oscillator. Forged through the blending of technologies and crafts, this rare advance in watchmaking could only have come about through a mastery of both mechanical and electronic watchmaking, in which the drive to select the best attributes of each was unleashed.

Grand Seiko - High-beat precision and three days of power reserve. Introducing the first Grand Seiko mechanical chronograph, the Tentagraph.

Mar 27, 2023

Last year, at Watches and Wonders Geneva, Grand Seiko introduced its first mechanical complication and a series of sports watches from the Evolution 9 Collection.

Grand Seiko - A majestic white birch forest in the height of winter inspires a fully engraved Spring Drive masterpiece

Mar 27, 2023

Today, Grand Seiko introduces a new manual-winding Spring Drive masterpiece from the Micro Artist Studio featuring a fully engraved case. Made one by one and engraved by hand

Grand Seiko - Diamonds, blue sapphires, and Platinum 950. A new Grand Seiko jewelry masterpiece inspired by the white lion.

Mar 27, 2023

The powerful profile of the lion has been an enduring symbol of Grand Seiko ever since the first Grand Seiko introduced in 1960, when a gold medallion depicting a lion graced the case back.


Mar 22, 2023

The LONGINES SPIRIT collection continues the tradition of precision instruments created by the brand to accompany the greatest explorers in their conquest of the air, sea and land.

Grand Seiko - The 25th anniversary of the 9S mechanical calibers - Chapter 6

Mar 22, 2023

Put simply, the more powerful the mainspring, the longer the power reserve. This fundamental rule sets a challenge for Grand Seiko that its engineers have striven continuously to meet.

Grand Seiko - The 25th anniversary of the 9S mechanical calibers - Chapter 5

Mar 9, 2023

In a mechanical watch, the power retained in the mainspring is transferred via a gear train to the escapement, whose accurate and efficient transmission of this energy

ZENITH DREAMHERS enters new phase with Mentoring Programme

Mar 8, 2023

YOUR TIME TO SHINE Gender equality and women’s empowerment are one of the main pillars of ZENITH’s HORIZ-ON Corporate Social Responsibility programme, driving many of the brand’s commitments and actions. Within it, the DREAMHERS platform


Feb 22, 2023

Hegid is pleased to announce its first horological collaboration. For reasons of taste, affinity and proximity, Jérôme Coste, Hegid's Artistic Director, has invited his talented friends of Hervet Manufacturier to co-create a collection on the theme of Space-Time.


Feb 22, 2023

With the LONGINES PILOT MAJETEK, the winged hourglass brand is putting its name to the return of a watch designed for aviation and appreciated by a wider audience.


Feb 16, 2023

The Grand Central Tourbillon won the 5th Edition of the Men’s Precious Watch Award 2022 by the reknown Japenese Luxury men’s fashion magazine “Men’s precious”.

Guide to Watch Complications

Feb 14, 2023

Timepieces are a classic addition to any everyday outfit with fine artisan craftsmanship and stylish designs.

Tips For Saving Money On Your Engagement Ring

Feb 12, 2023

An engagement ring is no small purchase. We’ve put together a guide to help you save a bit of cash on a ring that still suits your personality and aesthetic preferences.


Feb 10, 2023

Fashion rings are one of the easiest ways to quickly add personality, color, sparkle, refinement, and more to any of your looks.

A new chronograph inspired by the Grand Seiko lion joins the main Sport Collection

Feb 7, 2023

In 2019, Grand Seiko introduced a new sports watch design inspired by the lion, the symbol of Grand Seiko ever since its introduction in 1960.


Jan 26, 2023

From record-breaking deep-sea dives to lunar landings, Omega’s legacy is replete with large-scale accomplishments.

Statement-Making Jewelry for Bold Looks

Dec 20, 2022

Whether you’re headed into the office or out on the town, make a statement with eccentric, eye-catching jewelry accessories from Manfredi Jewels.

Greenwich's Best Jewelry Store

Dec 15, 2022

Greenwich is one of America’s most beautiful gems. Nestled in Connecticut’s Gold Coast, the community is among the country’s oldest, having been first settled in the 17th century.


Dec 1, 2022

In 2023, Blancpain celebrates the 70th anniversary of the first modern diving watch. Launched in 1953, the Fifty Fathoms is the first modern diver’s watch. Created by a diver to meet the needs of underwater exploration, it was chosen by diving pioneers and elite marine corps around the world as a professional timekeeping instrument.

A Holiday Offer from Manfredi and our Private Aviation Partner JetWay Private Air | Manfredi Jewels

Nov 19, 2022


Nov 2, 2022

RIDING THROUGH HISTORY Running the American railroad system was a task that required the ultimate in precision timekeeping. Hamilton’s pocket watches, known for their accuracy and legibility, were up to the task — a feat commemorated in the new Railroad Pocket Watch.

Have Your Watch Professionally Repaired | Manfredi Jewels

Oct 4, 2022

At Manfredi Jewels, we consider horology to be a specialty achieved only through years of top tier education and experience. From the onset of our business, we’ve been passionate about providing Connecticut with the finest timepieces in the world. This is not only reflected by our fantastic selection of top designer brands but also by the quality of our services. Our incredible staff consists of professionally trained watchmakers who are well-equipped to repair, maintain, polish, and overhaul your timepieces. There’s nothing our incredible team can’t do to ensure the longevity of a watch. With Manfredi Jewels, every timepiece can last a lifetime.

Have Your Jewelry Professionally Repaired | Manfredi Jewels

Oct 4, 2022

When seeking a jeweler you can trust, you need not only look for a large and varied selection of jewelry, informed and experienced personnel, and a positive reputation in their community. It is also essential to look for a jeweler who can perform an array of professional repair services to ensure that the pieces you purchase from this jeweler will remain stunning and functional for a lifetime to come. We at Manfredi Jewels have staffed both our Greenwich and New Canaan locations with wonderfully skilled and knowledgeable jewelry repair specialists you can depend on to repair your prized possessions with respect and care.


Sep 30,2022

WRITE YOUR OWN ADVENTURE! The SeaQ Chronograph celebrates its premiere Every day can be the start of something great – an adventure just waiting to be experienced. For all who can hardly wait to see what lies around the next bend in the road, today Glashütte Original presents a companion as enterprising as it is stylish: the SeaQ Chronograph.

Helpful Watch Complications | Learn the Difference

July 13, 2022

Luxury watches provide the ease of timekeeping on your wrist with stylish designs that match any aesthetic. Complications are valuable tools on watches for added functionality. There are many different complications out there, and it may seem overwhelming at first if this is the first time you are buying an impressive watch. Our experts at Manfredi Jewels are ready to help you find the watch with the complications you need and the style you enjoy within your budget.

Characteristics of High-Quality Watches

July 13, 2022

Watchmaking has always been an art of luxury. Due to the intricacy of a timepiece, only the most skilled and talented masters can make them. While advances in technology have led to plenty of lower-quality pieces, high-quality watches have a variety of features that cannot be found elsewhere. Complications like chronographs, dates, and GMTs give watches more functionality and intrigue. Solid materials like stainless steel, gold, and platinum allow for longer-lasting pieces that feel robust and luxurious. If cared for properly, these watches can endure for decades. Precision, style, and artistry await those who invest in a high-quality watch.

HOT 100 INSPIRING INDEPENDENTS: Roberto Chiappelloni — Manfredi Jewels

June 16, 2022

Manfredi Jewels owner Roberto Chiappelloni is one of the kindest, warmest and most knowledgeable business owners in the luxury watch and jewelry business. His flagship store in Greenwich, Connecticut, is a destination for collectors, stocking as it does many of the most sought-after independent watch brands in the world.


Jun 14, 2022

THE REBIRTH OF A HIGH-FREQUENCY ICON: THE NEW LONGINES ULTRA-CHRON Longines is launching a new model that is more accurate than a chronometer: The new LONGINES ULTRA-CHRON, ticking at 10 beats a second. The new high-frequency movement guarantees higher precision and profits from Longines’ rich heritage of producing high-beat movements for over 100 years. Inspired by the original Longines Ultra-Chron Diver of 1968, the new model reflects the iconic design codes of its ancestor and is highly resistant to shocks, scratches and water pressure.

Best Gifts for Father’s Day Watches & Accessories

June 14, 2022

Father's day is just around the corner and we're here to help you find the perfect gift gift for the dad in your life. We can provide you with the best suggestions when it comes to watches and accessories!

Best Graduation Gift Guide - Watches and Accessories for Her

May 23, 2022

Graduating is a wonderful moment in anyone’s life. This is a great way to appreciate all the hard work and many years of studying. Shopping for the perfect gift to celebrate a recent college grad can be tricky. Fortunately, there is one gift that transcends age, gender, interests, and future plans while perfectly symbolizing this period of change in one’s life – a watch. A reliable and classic watch will help set a college graduate up for success, no matter what their future in the real world may hold. To help in your search for a nice watch for graduation, we put together a comprehensive list of the best graduation watches for young women, covering a variety of styles and price points!

Best Graduation Gift Guide - Watches and Accessories for Him

May 21, 2022

Graduating is a wonderful moment in anyone’s life. This is a great way to appreciate all the hard work and many years of studying. Shopping for the perfect gift to celebrate a recent college grad can be tricky. Fortunately, there is one gift that transcends age, gender, interests, and future plans while perfectly symbolizing this period of change in one’s life – a watch. A reliable and classic watch will help set a college graduate up for success, no matter what their future in the real world may hold. To help in your search for a nice watch for graduation, we put together a comprehensive list of the best graduation watches for young men, covering a variety of styles and price points!

Manfredi Jewels is doubling the size of its New Canaan store!

May 20, 2022

Manfredi Jewels, which has two stores in Connecticut, is doubling the size of its boutique in New Canaan. Manfredi carries Rolex, Tudor, Hermès and Victorinox in New Canaan, while its flagship in Greenwich stocks over 30 watch brands and specializes in artisan independents. Owner Roberto Chiappelloni tells WATCHPRO he is building a state of the art retail establishment in New Canaan.


May 13, 2022

Hegid becomes a flagship brand of the Aiôn Group. Hegid watches will soon be powered by automatic mechanical movements produced and assembled in France, in the Aiôn Group manufacture


May 4, 2022

Every day is a day to celebrate your mother, but Mother’s Day is special. It’s a day specially dedicated to the superwoman in your life. If you are thinking about what to gift your mother this year, allow us to help you in your pursuit of the perfect gift for her. We can provide you with the best suggestions when it comes to jewelry and watches!

Messika Jewelry Collection - Photos from the Event! (April 29th)

May 3, 2022

On April 29th at Manfredi Jewels Greenwich we had a cocktail reception and exclusive viewing of the new Messika Jewelry Collection!⁠ 5% of the jewelry sales were donated to support Mothers for Others Charity! We really hope you have enjoyed the event and the cocktail reception. Photos are posted here. Thanks for coming!!!

SAVE THE DATE!⁠ April 29th Exclusive Viewing of the Messika Jewelry Collection!⁠

April 15, 2022

SAVE THE DATE!⁠ April 29th Join our cocktail reception and exclusive viewing of the Messika Jewelry Collection!⁠ 5% of the jewelry sales will be donated to support Mothers for Others Charity!

New Youtube Video! RARE Luxury Watches, Diamonds and Jewelry in Greenwich, Connecticut | Manfredi Jewels

April 9, 2022

Today, we take a look at some rare pieces of jewelry and fine watches located at Manfredi Jewels in Greenwich, Connecticut. Let's take a look at some fantastic timepieces and diamonds!


March 29, 2022

Spring is our favorite time of the year! It's starting to warm up, and it is finally time to trade in those winter coats for fun spring fashion. Updating your spring wardrobe is about more than just getting cute new outfits; it applies to your jewelry too!


March 26, 2022



February 15, 2022

Since it was launched in 2007, The Longines Legend Diver Watch has attracted an impressive legion of fans who are drawn to its dynamic, clean expression of the brand’s rich dive watch heritage.


Feb 15, 2021

Longines Silver Arrow breathes life back into a model characteristic of the 1950s: a resolutely forward-facing time when race cars and supersonic aeroplanes appealed to the imaginations of young and old alike. It is this futuristic spirit that inspired the original design of the “Silver Arrow”, revisited in a way that is loyal to the brand’s Heritage pillar. Driven by an exclusive self-winding movement fitted with a silicon balance-spring, the Longines Silver Arrow comes with a five-year warranty.


September 16, 2021

The 21st edition of the Grand Prix d'Horologerie de Geneve (GPHG) - a competition created to yearly reward the most remarkable contemporary creations and promote the watchmaking art worldwide - will be held this year on November 4th, 2021.


September 9, 2021

The House of Breguet caused a sensation with the unveiling of its Tradition line, whose timepieces were the first to feature the entire movement on the dial. The collection pays homage to the most advanced art of watchmaking, while staying true to the history of the Maison.

Hegid’s Changeable Watches Are a Wardrobe Revolution

September 2, 2021

What if your watch could change up its look as easily as you change your clothes? That’s the idea behind Hegid’s EVOL system that allows wearers to pair various case styles and straps with a central capsule housing the movement and dial.

Paul Forrest’s Beating Hearts

August 20,2021

The Paul Forrest Heart’s Passion collection features a patented Magnificent Motion complication that causes the small heart motif on the pendant to “beat.” The high-carat kinetic jewelry incorporates a high-tech complication—much like the mechanical movement of a watch—inside a piece of jewelry.


August 20, 2021

Following the resounding success of its PRX 20 405, Tissot is taking its elegant sports model with the integrated bracelet to new heights. With its embossed, chequered dial and high-performance automatic movement, the PRX Powermatic 80 will sit perfectly on your wrist, never to leave it.

Get To Know Yellow Diamonds

August 13, 2021

Yellow diamonds are a family of colors on their on. In most cases fancy color diamonds do not come in a pure form, but rather as a combination of colors.


August 6, 2021

It may be a little later than planned, but this year, the Land of the Rising Sun will finally become Omega’s own land of Recording Dreams. For the 29th time in history, the brand will fulfil its role as the Official Timekeeper of the Olympic Games, bringing almost 90 years of experience to Tokyo 2020.


August 5, 2021

With this refined and colorful summer creation, the House demonstrates its mastery of plique-à-jour enameling, a technique that demands a rare dexterity for a naturalistic, lively and unique composition.


August 3, 2021

1791 marks our 230th anniversary and the discovery of titanium by an English clergyman, Willian Gregor. To celebrate these 2 stories, we are launching the Laureato Absolute Ti 230, drawing on know-how amassed over 230 years.

Our Favorite Hermès Watches!

July 23, 2021

Hermès is a brand worth considering if you're looking for a new luxury timepiece to add to your personal collection or to give as a gift to someone special.


July 20, 2021

Hegid is now available only minutes away from New York City, at Manfredi Jewels in Greenwich, Connecticut. Manfredi Jewels is one of the country’s premier destinations for enthusiasts of fine timepieces.

Our Favorite Jewelry Pieces for the Summer!

July 14, 2021

Selecting good jewelry should never have to be a difficult task! Therefore, we created these amazing jewelry selections for your needs. In this article, we are going to recommend some popular products that have a beautiful look and design.

Our Favorite Watches for the Summer!

July 14, 2021

When you look on the market, you can find all types of watches that are available. They come with different features and benefits for every client. It is also recommended to compare some available watches before you decide to buy the best one for yourself or for your loved one.


July 6th, 2021

Hegid joins La Samaritaine for the historic reopening of the department store located on the banks of the Seine River in the heart of Paris.


June 9th, 2021

In honor of World’s Ocean Day and celebrating its community of friends and partners including world-renown shark experts, divers, universities, and non-profits, Ulysse Nardin unveils a stunning, shark-themed limited edition of the DIVER 42 mm.


June 3rd, 2021

The Maison and the artist best known for his artistic direction of The Lord of the Rings showcase a creation that gives pride of place to a mythical creature, micro-painted in two very limited series.


March 28th, 2021

In a truly pioneering moment, this year’s new Seamaster 300 collection will also include a 41 mm model crafted from Omega’s exclusive Bronze Gold. The watch represents the very first Omega to be created in this patent-pending alloy.

9 Best Graduation Watches For Him

May 27th, 2021

Graduating is a wonderful moment in anyone’s life. This is a great way to appreciate all the hard work and many years of studying. It also delivers an opportunity to move into workforce and truly push the boundaries in a unique way. Which brings the question here, what graduation gifts should you go for?

8 Pieces of Jewelry and Watches That Are the Perfect Graduation Gift for Her

May 27th, 2021

Preparing the right gift for your daughter’s or granddaughter’s graduation can be an incredible idea. With that in mind, there are so many different products to focus on, that it can take the entire process very difficult.


May 17, 2021

When the El Primero calibre made its groundbreaking debut in 1969, Zenith chose to house it in two broad but distinct watch categories. On one hand, there were sportier models in tonneau-shaped steel cases, such as the A384, and on the other, more classical round cases in steel or gold, most notably the A386.


May 12, 2021

Giving Zenith’s most emblematic and sought-after vintage references a second life.


May 9, 2021

At the start of 2021, Zenith reaffirmed its position as the undisputed master of high-frequency automatic chronographs with the all-new Chronomaster Sport, merging quintessential Zenith design codes with a new level of performance and precision.

Editor's Top May Picks

May 4, 2021

Buying the perfect gift for your loved one can be very tricky. You want something that’s unique and visually appealing, but also different and exciting enough to push the boundaries and educate in a clever manner.


April 27, 2021



April 8, 2021

Zenith continues to push the limits of performance and design to the extreme for the trailblazers who forge their own path and leave a mark on time with the DEFY EXTREME, an all-terrain 1/100th of a second chronograph.


March 31, 2021

Every day is a day to celebrate your mother but Mother’s Day is special. It’s a day specially dedicated to the superwoman in your life. If you are thinking about what to gift your mother this year, allow us to help you in your pursuit of the perfect gift for her.

14 Best Jewelry Gifts Ideas for Easter

March 31, 2021

One of the best ways to show someone your appreciation is to offer them great jewelry gifts. However, finding the right jewelry gifts can be very difficult nowadays. There are a variety of options on the market, all of which have their own specific features and ideas.

Black Bay Chrono

March 26, 2021

Since the launch in 1970 of the Oysterdate model, its first chronograph, TUDOR has always produced watches that are closely tied to the world of motor sport. Since 1954, TUDOR has likewise been constantly improving its professional divers’ watches.


March 24, 2021

In a truly pioneering moment, this year’s new Seamaster 300 collection will also include a 41 mm model crafted from Omega’s exclusive Bronze Gold. The watch represents the very first Omega to be created in this patent-pending alloy.

Top 7 Reasons To Own A Luxury Watch

March 17, 2021

A wristwatch is not merely an instrument on your hand that indicates the time of the day, it is an extension of your personality. A luxury watch adorning your wrist adds a distinct touch to your character vis a vis a piece of mass production.

SPECIAL REPORT: State of independents

March 11, 2021

Tired of mass-produced Swiss watches, collectors are increasingly turning to the independent sector to find watches that are rarer, more complex, handmade and exquisitely artistic.


March 9, 2021

Introducing the Defy 21 Felipe Pantone, a highly chromatic and visually striking timepiece that brings a different notion of art to watchmaking.

Moonwatch now Master Chronometer Certified

March 1, 2021

We’re only in January, yet OMEGA is already making one of the biggest watchmaking announcements of 2021. This year, the Speedmaster Moonwatch collection will be updated with its next generation of models.

A chromatic duo joins the HydroConquest collection

February 16, 2021

New two-tone variations are enhancing one of the leading Longines collections, the HydroConquest line. These timepieces are true sports watch references inspired by the world of diving, combining performance with style. The blue, grey, black and green variations of this collection are complemented by two-tone variations in steel and rose PVD or steel and yellow PVD for an additional touch of elegance.

The Longines Legend Diver Watch

February 15, 2021

The Longines Legend Diver Watch, a timepiece that’s emblematic of the winged-hourglass brand’s Heritage segment, is now available in coloured versions. In blue or brown, these creations bring a new look to one of the first diving watches designed by Longines, of which the history is filled with technical achievements.

Grand Seiko binds time, beauty and nature together in a special creation.

February 12, 2021

A new Grand Seiko creation powered by a high-beat movement offers a new perspective on the nature of time. The dial is inspired by the slender and strikingly beautiful white birch trees that thrive in northern parts of Japan and that grow in profusion near the Grand Seiko Studio Shizukuishi where this watch is made.

Valentine's Day Gift Guide

February 4, 2021

While this year may call for practical gifts you can still take the opportunity to procure something special for your significant other.

These 16 Jewelry Pieces Will Always Remain Timeless

February 2, 2021

I'm a sucker for really nice jewelry. I believe that something is worth the splurge if I know I'll wear it forever, so it's not unusual to find me perusing pieces on the reg. My most recent search led me to Manfredi Jewels, a—quite literal—goldmine for the luxury jewelry-obsessed like myself.

The Shape Guide: Round Brilliant Cut

January 26, 2021

Classic, quintessential, and oh-so effortless, the round brilliant cut is one of the most universally adored shapes- and for good reasons! This classic shape is perfect in symmetry, has light-dancing reflections, and is versatile with settings options that work with all styles and aesthetics from vintage to contemporary, statement to subtle.

Kate Moss And 10 Stores: How Messika Paris Conquered Retail And New Markets In 2020

January 26, 2021

2020 may have been filled with doom and gloom as retail stores closed by the dozens. Still, French fine jeweler Messika Paris–led by Founder and Creative Director Valerie Messika and her team–successfully opened ten stores worldwide during a pandemic.

Red enamel rings (and other jewels) for Chinese New Year and beyond

January 24, 2021

As with all good traditions, the custom of giving red envelopes at Chinese New Year is inspired by folklore. According to legend, a demon would appear on the eve of the Spring Festival, its intention to spread sickness among sleeping children.


January 21,2021

Some of life’s most decisive moments happen in a fraction of a second. A tight race towards the finish line, a perfectly struck ball scoring a goal, or even an instinctive decision at the crossroads of life, these instances are what shape the future.

Tacori Predicts The Biggest Engagement Ring Trends For 2021

January 19, 2021

Love is essential, now more than ever. As we turn to the new year, couples are continuing to reimagine how they choose to celebrate their love. Creativity and personalization are front and center as couples choose new symbols to mark their connection and commitment.

The 5 Spring 2021 Jewelry Trends You'll Actually Be Excited to Wear

January 13, 2020

This winter, we’re eyeing jewelry trends that can work for any (virtual) occasion, whether it be a Zoom meeting, date, or family call — all of which call for a lot of accoutrements.


January 6, 2021

A legend is born again: Zenith is bringing back one of the earliest and most emblematic El Primero-equipped chronographs from the earliest days of the revolutionary calibre in the form of a Chronomaster Revival model.

New Year, New You!

December 31, 2020

It’s 2020 and the new year is right around the corner! A new year calls for new jewelry! If your pieces are just sitting in your jewelry box collecting dust, it’s time to consider a trade-in.

Manfredi Jewels 2020 Holiday Gift Guide

December 17, 2020

Nothing adds a little magic to the holiday season quite like embracing festive traditions, whether those be garland-adorned doorways, frosted gingerbread houses, or trees dripping in twinkling lights—and a dazzling piece of jewelry, or a statement watch can have a similar effect, too.

Wedding Rings For Him

December 10, 2020

Wedding bands say more than, "I do!" They are the symbol of your love, and the beginning of a legacy that lasts for generations. Celebrate your love story with Tacori wedding bands united with signature details that only the two of you share.

Interview with WatchPro: Manfredi Jewels owner says covid has proved the vitality of bricks and mortar

November 10th, 2020

Manfredi Jewels, which has stores in Greenwich and New Canaan, Connecticut, was closed for two months during the covid quarter. Despite the shut down, the business’s owner Roberto Chiappelloni says trading has already bounced back to pre-pandemic levels and the experience has left him more convinced than ever that multibrand physical stores remain critical to the success of the luxury watch industry.


October 26th, 2020

Hamilton extends its range of pilot watches with models that make conversions and calculations easy.

THE 321 POWERS ON! OMEGA’s legendary Calibre is the driving force behind another Moonwatch – This time in Steel.

October 20, 2020

In early 2019, OMEGA announced the long-awaited return of its iconic Calibre 321. Soon after, in July of the same year, the Swiss watchmaker unveiled the first new timepiece to house the movement – a Moonwatch in platinum.

Episode 6: Instagram Live with Pierre Halimi, F.P. Journe General Manager, America

October 15th, 2020


October 12, 2020

Contemporary, refined and assertive, the new Alpine Eagle sports chic timepiece collection is a state-of-the-art reinterpretation of the St. Moritz, the first watch created in 1980 by Karl-Friedrich Scheufele, now co-president of Chopard. Imagined and personally designed by him, Alpine Eagle is driven by his passion for the Alps and by the lofty power of the eagle that reigns supreme there. Crafted from an exclusive, ultra-resistant and light-reflecting metal named Lucent Steel A223, it beats to the rhythm of a Chopard chronometer-certified movement.

Laureato Absolute Crystal Rock: Honouring The Legacy. Embracing The Future

October 13, 2020

Girard-Perregaux is pleased to unveil the Laureato Absolute Crystal Rock, a new model that draws upon the company’s vast experience, amassed since its inception in 1791. While respecting the legacy of the iconic Laureato from 1975, this latest model employs high-tech know-how and wholeheartedly embraces the future.

GS 60th Anniversary Caliber 9SA5 Limited Edition SLGH003

October 13, 2020

First revealed in March 2020, 9SA5 is an entirely new high beat mechanical movement. Developed from scratch exclusively for Grand Seiko, Caliber 9SA5 will be the foundation upon which a whole new generation of Grand Seiko mechanical watches will be created. Nine years in development and deploying all the skills and experience that Grand Seiko has gained over the past 60 years, 9SA5 is without doubt the finest mechanical caliber Grand Seiko has ever created.

OMEGA, Snoopy and Apollo 13. What’s the Story?

October 7, 2020

The special connection between Snoopy and NASA first started in the 1960s, when Charles M. Schulz began creating comic strips depicting the lovable dog on the moon. Those animations captured public excitement about America’s adventures into space, and established Snoopy as a symbol of exploration.

Speedmaster “Silver Snoopy Award” 50th Anniversary

October 7, 2020

In 1970, OMEGA received the coveted “Silver Snoopy Award” from the astronauts at NASA, recognising the brand’s unique contributions to space exploration, as well as the Speedmaster’s vital support during the rescue of Apollo 13.

Memories from the Astronauts

October 7, 2020

On the 50th anniversary of Apollo 13 and OMEGA’s “Silver Snoopy Award”, we spoke with two of the astronauts who remember those moments best. Captain James Lovell, Commander of Apollo 13; and Lieutenant General Thomas Stafford, who flew on four NASA missions and presented OMEGA with its prestigious prize in 1970.

Landing for the Moon Anniversary!

October 1, 2020

51 years ago this July, the astronauts of Apollo 11 were taking the first ever human footsteps onto the moon. Inside the crew’s OMEGA Speedmaster watches, was the now-famous Calibre 321, a movement that not only became legendary that day, but also returned for every lunar landing in history.


October 1, 2020

A TUDOR watch lives. Pulsates. It will take you into the world of micro-precision. The high technology in all components are relentlessly tested to the smallest detail… to the point of obsession.

Introducing OMEGA’s Seamaster Diver 300M Chronograph: a striking blend of gold, titanium and tantalum.

September 22, 2020

When tantalum made its OMEGA debut in 1993, it quickly earned a unique place in the Seamaster’s design history. This year, the lustrous material is making a stylish comeback.


September 22, 2020

The intense and mystical timepiece revives the Grande Seconde aesthetic soaring over an astronomical Moon Phase.

Sport Collection Grand Seiko 60th Anniversary Limited Edition Professional Diver's 600M

September 22, 2020

Before the creation of Spring Drive, the choice was stark. Either you chose a mechanical watch and enjoyed its traditional character and autonomy but tolerated its relative imprecision or you wore an electronic watch that was up to ten times more accurate but required a battery.

OMEGA and Apollo 13 The 14 critical seconds between success and failure

September 20, 2020

When the Apollo 13 mission lifted off on April the 11th 1970, nobody on board, nor on the ground, could ever have anticipated the drama and near disaster that lay ahead.

Tribute to a genius in the Glashütte art of watchmaking

September 18, 2020

2020 is the 100th anniversary of one of the most sophisticated inventions of haute horlogerie: the design of the Flying Tourbillon by Glashütte master watchmaker Alfred Helwig.

Ocean Rescue: The Diver That Makes a Difference

September 16, 2020

Introducing OMEGA’s Seamaster Diver 300M Nekton Edition: a dive watch on a mission to save the seas In line with its pledge to make time for the planet, OMEGA is a proud partner of Nekton, a not-for-profit research foundation committed to protecting our oceans.

Top 5 Men's Wedding Ring Trends

September 22, 2020

For many years, men’s wedding rings varied little from the plain bands that first appeared during WW2. Thankfully, the days when every Groom wore a yellow gold court band are long gone. In the last 30 years, there has been an explosion in this sector and Furrer Jacot have led the way with exciting new designs!

Bvlgari Aluminium Watch, The Icon Never Dies

September 16, 2020

The new Bvlgari Aluminium watch 2020 reignites the fire lit back in 1998 by the first-generation models. It speaks a universal language that goes far beyond gender, age, trends, eras, social profile and personal style.


September 4, 2020

Life naturally harbours the joy of perpetual motion, as gracefully expressed through the subtle movement of a talisman jewel: the Happy Spirit collection symbolises the cardinal values permeating the Maison Chopard. A jewellery collection imbued with multiple artistic sources, which it vividly embodies through its light effects and pure lines.

4 Reasons We Prefer Platinum Engagement Rings And Wedding Bands

September 03, 2020

You have many choices to make when you’re selecting your engagement ring and wedding bands, and your decision about which metal to wear is one of the most important.

Hearts On Fire Engagement Ring Guide

September, 03, 2020

Everything you need to know about buying an engagement ring, from settling on a style to choosing a metal type


August 25, 2020

With its cognac leather strap and its golden opaline dial, The Longines Heritage Military Marine Nationale stays true to the military watch from which it draws its inspiration, while meeting today’s aesthetic and technical requirements. The shape of the counterweight seconds hands, a detail rare in Longines watches, adds to the aesthetics of this timepiece.

Sharp, angular and refined. A new Presage design series combines tradition and modernity.

August 25th, 2020

Since time immemorial, a central aspect of the Japanese sense of beauty has been simplicity. To create objects or images of refinement and grace with few elements and no extraneous decoration has long been an aim of many Japanese craftsmen and artists, and it is this aesthetic that lies at the heart of an important new series within the Presage collection.

Instagram Live Episode 5: The Grönefeld Brothers

August 20, 2020

All you need to know about Grönefeld watches!

Glashütte Original expands SeaQ line

July 27, 2020

Glashütte Original presents fascinating new SeaQ models, expanding its offer for sports divers, water-sports athletes and adventurers of all kinds. Cool stainless steel and intense blue lend the new timepieces a striking, fresh look. A special highlight of the still-young line is an exquisite newcomer whose rotating bezel sparkles with brilliant-cut diamonds and a sapphire.

Episode 4: Grand Seiko Brand Curator Joe Kirk

July 25th, 2020

All things Grand Seiko! @grandseikousa @manfredijewels


July 21, 2020

The Longines Avigation Watch Type A-7 1935 pays homage to aviation's finest hours. Longines has been associated with the aeronautical universe and its pioneers since the beginning of the 20th century.

Best of the Gold Coast 2020

July 15th , 2020


A Spring Drive GMT for the next generation

July 14, 2020

Equipped with a GMT hand, this watch features Grand Seiko’s unique Spring Drive caliber, which combines the motive force of a mainspring with the high precision of a quartz watch. Housed in a water-resistant stainless steel case with ceramic bezel, a 24-hour GMT hand and Lumibrite indices for exceptional precision and legibility complemented by the smooth motion glide of Spring Drive.


July 13, 2020

Valérie Messika presents her latest High Jewelry creations. Unique diamond jewelry made in the Atelier Messika. Colored diamonds and unique designs are presented...

Episode 3: Instagram Live with Zenith Brand Director North America: Thierry Collot

Thursday, July 9th @4pm

Manfredi Jewels Manager Robert Weintraub

For connoisseurs of the fine art of German watchmaking

July 7, 2020

Memories of the famous Glashütte marine chronometers of the past come to mind when one looks at the Senator Chronometer - Limited Edition from Glashütte Original. The masterpiece, limited to 25 pieces, is presented in a newly designed white gold case whose bezel takes the characteristic concave shape of historic marine chronometers. Like

Introducing the Laurent Ferrier Classic Origin Opaline

July 3, 2020

The acclaimed Maison LAURENT FERRIER celebrates its 10th anniversary with the release of a classical watch featuring a timeless dial and case ensemble.

Instagram Live with master watchmaker Kari Voutilainen

Thursday, June 25th @ 3 PM

Manfredi Jewels Manager Robert Weintraub


June 17, 2020

Custom Hamilton watch featured in Christopher Nolan’s new Sci Fi action spectacle Tenet, coming soon to theaters Hamilton designers and engineers, in collaboration with the design team from Christopher Nolan’s new film, TENET, produced a custom-made watch with unique features that only Hamilton was trusted to bring to life.


June 3, 2020

Longines watches and devices, thanks to their reliability, accuracy, robustness and original technology, have contributed to the success of numerous pioneering exploits.

Manfredi Greenwich & New Canaan Stores are reopening today May 20th!

May 20, 2020

We hope that you and your families have remained safe and healthy during this challenging time, and greatly appreciate all of you who have reached out to support us over the past two months while we were closed. Thankfully, we now have some good news to share. We are thrilled to be reopening our Greenwich and New Canaan stores on Wednesday, May 20th!

Inspired by the end of Autumn. Soko Special Edition

June 11, 2020

As a continuation of Japan’s twenty-four sekki1 that signifies nature’s ever-changing seasons, Grand Seiko introduces two new Special Edition timepieces in its Heritage Collection, only available in the United States. Each timepiece, design and movement, is a tribute to Japanese nature and expresses the natural and continuous flow of time.


June 3, 2020

The Longines Spirit collection is designed in the same manner as the timepieces of the famous pioneers as they conquered the air, land and sea relying on their Longines time instruments. Legendary aviators and explorers like Amelia Earhart, Paul-Emile Victor, Elinor Smith and Howard Hughes put their trust in the winged hourglass brand on their incredible journeys. Today, Longines presents new timepieces that are a testimony to their pioneering spirit. A glowing tribute to these exceptional men and women who, by a record, an exploit or a display of courage, have left their mark on history - encouraging new generations to push the boundaries. All models from the Longines Spirit collection come with state-of­ the-art technology, resulting in highly accurate movements that are all Chronometer-certified.

Parmigiani Fleurier “Helping Heroes” Program

April 14, 2020

The “Helping Heroes” program is a unique initiative designed to support the healthcare institutions fighting the virus across the country, as well as our retail partners.

Glashütte Original presents Sixties and Sixties Chronograph as annual edition 2020

March 31, 2020

Since 2018 the exceptional Sixties annual editions have been the source of great excitement in the world of watches. Following the extravagance of previous years, the 2020 annual edition turns to sublime elegance: cool glacier blue lends the new Sixties a profound but no less impressive appearance. Simultaneously with this model the German watchmaker introduces a new Sixties Chronograph in the same colour, presented for the first time in an annual edition.

Retailer Spotlight Manfredi Jewels in Greenwich, CT

MARCH 26, 2020

Small businesses have played an important role in fueling past economic recoveries.

Presage and “Porco Rosso” take to the skies in collaboration with an animation film classic.

March 5th, 2020

The artistry of traditional Japanese craftsmanship has been a central feature of the Presage collection since its introduction to the world in 2016. The collection’s wide variety of creations have showcased handcrafts such as Shippo enamel and, most recently, Arita porcelain, which, in combination with Seiko’s watchmaking skills, create a unique balance of beauty and technology.

Green Machine: Grand Seiko And Watches Of Switzerland’s Striking Special Edition GMT


The new SBGM241 is a best-of-both-worlds approach for the brand and retailer, and it’s a handsome combination.

Chopard Unveils Their 2020 Updates: Including L.U.C, Mille Miglia, And Happy Sport


Chopard’s 2020 novelties are designed to resonate with collectors. Even before we entered this unprecedented era, watchmakers were changing their course. A changing global economic market meant that brands have been trying to expand their stake in North America and with women watch collectors.

Unveiling The New F.P.Journe Chronomètre À Résonance


François-Paul Journe reinvents and masters one of the most iconic watchmaking pieces of the last few decades. Here is a first look at the 2020 Chronomètre a Résonance, including specs and a historical perspective.

Glashütte Original presents exciting new Pano with deep green dial

April 28, 2020

Glashütte Original often takes inspiration for the colour of its dials from the natural beauty of the Ore Mountains. This time, the tall fir trees surrounding the manufactory inspired the designers to capture the intense shades of green and to immortalize them on the dial of the new PanoMaticLunar. Working closely with their colleagues in the watchmaker's in-house dial manufactory in Pforzheim, they transformed the brass dial blanks into green masterpieces.


March 18, 2020

WAKING A SLEEPING GIANT The Hamilton PSR revives the design of the very first digital watch, a space age classic that changed the way we tell time.


May 5 , 2020

INSPIRATION FOR A NEW DAY For the very first time, Breguet highlights the delicate oval shape of the dial of the Reine de Naples with pure, bright white grand feu enamel, complete with numerals in celestial shades The new Reine de Naples 8918 features expertly applied grand feu enamel on its dial – a first for this collection. Against an immaculate background, the stylized Breguet Arabic numerals appear in blue enamel, as does the signature of the House and the words “émaillé Grand Feu” (grand feu enamel). The alligator leather strap, fitted with a folding buckle set with 28 diamonds, echoes these heavenly hues. Adorning the circumference of the bezel and the dial flange are 117 diamonds surrounding this composition in white gold. The Reine de Naples 8918 in grand feu enamel ticks to the rhythm of a self-winding manufacture caliber.


April 23, 2020

LIGHTWEIGHT FUNCTIONALITY AND MILITARY STYLE THE KHAKI FIELD TITANIUM IS READY FOR ACTION For over 100 years, Hamilton provided thousands of watches for the military. Today, we draw on that experience to create field watches for modern life. With a combination of lightweight functionality and military style, our new Khaki Field Titanium Automatic is ready for action.


April 7, 2020

THE TWO NEW FACES OF THE GRANDE SECONDE SKELET-ONE Plasma ceramic makes a dramatic entrance alongside red gold. One is steeped in tradition and the other is all about technology. Two new variations of a timepiece that has come to stand for Jaquet Droz’s brazen artistry. Modern or classic? No need to choose. The Grande Seconde — the face of traditional Fine Watchmaking by Jaquet Droz — triumphed as it roared into the 21st century with the Skelet-One.

Into The Wild With Three New Alpinist-Inspired Seiko Prospex Watches


In anticipation of spring, we took Seiko’s Alpine inspired collection of timepieces for a walk in the park.


November 07, 2020

A CLASSIC REVISITED. With The Longines Heritage Military 1938, the winged hourglass brand revisits a military watch from the Interwar period. Featuring a timeless, understated design, this 43 mm steel piece features a hand-wound mechanical calibre. In a tribute to the year of production of the model that inspired it, The Longines Heritage Military is numbered and limited to 1938 pieces.

Longines Adorns Its Conquest V.H.P. With Leather


The Conquest V.H.P. by Longines is now available in leather. A touch of sophisticated elegance for this sports collection, which is distinctive for its innovative quartz-based technology. Always on time and up to date without the need for handling, this timepiece will delight people with high expectations in terms of precision and aesthetics.

Vacheron Constantin Overseas 33mm, A Feminine Take On Casual Chic


The Overseas collection embraces its feminine side. Two new timepieces welcome time on a silver-toned lacquered dial for the version in 18K 5N pink gold and an original denim blue lacquered dial for the steel variation. The six-sided bezels adorned with “brilliant”-cut diamonds light up the path of the hands and the date appearing at 3 o’clock.

PanoMaticLunar wins in category up to 25,000 EUR

February 14, 2020

Glashütte Original is pleased to have been awarded a first place again this year in the renowned “Golden Balance“ watch competition. At the awards ceremony, which took place on February 13 in Munich, the PanoMaticLunar with dark blue dial in a red gold case took first prize in the category of watches priced up to 25,000 euros.

Longines HydroConquest: A New Look In Green


Longines' HydroConquest collection is now available in green hues. The green model is the perfect addition to the HydroConquest collection’s blue, grey and black timepieces. The khaki model features a ceramic bezel insert that matches the colour of the dial and ties together the fully modernized design and sporty silhouette. Mounted on a stainless steel or green rubber strap, the watch, which is available in two sizes (41 or 43 mm in diameter), is powered by a self-winding mechanical movement (L888.3 calibre).

Grand Seiko celebrates its 60th anniversary with four special limited editions

January 30, 2020

Like all the four limited editions, this Hi-beat 36000 has a dial in Grand Seiko’s signature blue In the late 1950’s, a small team of Seiko’s finest watchmakers came together with a very simple yet ambitious aim. It was to create the very best watch of which they were capable, with the highest possible levels of precision, legibility, durability and ease of use. In December 1960, their first creation was born and, in keeping with the team’s ambition and desire to create the “king” of watches, it was named Grand Seiko. It had a level of accuracy equivalent to the superior grade of the recognized chronometer standard at the time and it marked the first step on a sixty year journey towards the summit of the watchmaking art.

Meet the Winners of the 2019 Serendipity Jewelry Awards


At Manfredi Jewels, a mainstay in Fairfield County for decades, you’ll find a variety of brands, collections and designers in their Greenwich and New Canaan, CT locations. “A customer can come into either of two stores and see the best watch and jewelry brands in the world—it’s almost [like] having 40 mini boutiques within the Manfredi space,” says owner Roberto Chiappelloni. Customers can try on jewelry and watch brands includingRoberto Coin, Mikimoto, Bulgari, Vacheron Constantin, Longines and Rolex, to name a few. And the company continues to innovate and look for brands that customers will be excited about: “We are currently renovating our Greenwich flagship location, and we are expanding our offerings in watches and jewelry and continuing to grow our estate and bridal businesses,” says Chiappelloni.

Conjuring A Sky Full Of Stars: 1966 Orion Trilogy


Iconic design, reinvented. Technical excellence. Refined elegance. Variety. The new 1966 Orion has it all. The timepiece is a modern twist on the classic 1966 collection with three ultra-thin cases and two different aventurine dial colours (one blue and one black) that conjure up a sky full of stars.

Girard-Perregaux Unveils The Laureato Absolute Passion


For those passionate about the world of sport and especially sport cars, red has long been an iconic colour that Girard-Perregaux has integrated into collections for decades. The Laureato Absolute Passion now offers an iconic chronograph that celebrates this red legacy.



Up to 50 % OFF select watch and jewelry. Please visit our Greenwich and New Canaan Stores between January 25 and February 15.

Hermès Arceau Squelette


The mysterious and enigmatic Arceau watch confines itself to essential: the mysteries of an elegance imbued with understated lightness. Its skeleton heart appears beneath a smoked crystal, punctuated by openwork numerals. Designed by Henri d’Origny in 1978, the Arceau watch is the epitome of formal classicism tinged with singularity. Its sober and carefully studied design, its round case with asymmetrical stirrup-shaped lugs, along with its sloping font evoking a galloping horse, all contribute to establishing its timeless yet contemporary nature. Hovering between shadow and light, this new interpretation of Hermès time subtly reveals the complexity of mechanical architecture.

Parmigiani Fleurier Presents The Tonda 1950 Flying Tourbillon Double Rainbow


A radiant tourbillon illuminates a shower of diamonds, revealing a double rainbow over a scintillating aventurine night sky. Following the launch of the Tonda 1950 Rainbow, Parmigiani Fleurier is proud to present its new creation: the Tonda 1950 Flying Tourbillon Double Rainbow. This haute horlogerie timepiece, driven by the in-house ultra-thin PF517 movement, features a double gradient of extraordinary colours and represents a fine example of Parmigiani F

Introducing The New OMEGA Constellation Gents' Collection


For the Swiss watchmaker OMEGA, the pursuit of excellence is a lifetime’s work. In all of its most iconic collections, the brand is constantly innovating its designs to achieve advanced levels of sophistication and precision. This is particularly true for the famous Constellation Gents’ collection, which is now welcoming its 5th exciting generation of models. There are 26 new models to choose from in the diverse selection, all sized at 39 mm. Crafted from the most exquisite materials, such as 18K yellow gold, 18K Sedna™ gold and stainless steel, they all exude a refined sense of luxury and elegance.



The 321 Powers On! OMEGA's Legendary Calibre Is The Driving Force Behind Another Moonwatch


January 6, 2020

Longines extends its Heritage segment with a new interpretation, The Longines Heritage Classic Chronograph 1946, the reissue of a piece produced in the late 1940s. During this period, the Swiss brand designed a series of elegant timepieces at the cutting edge of technology at that time.


November 27, 2019

HAMILTON KHAKI PILOT SCHOTT NYC When thinking about American spirit two brands come to mind: Hamilton and Schott NYC. Both were chosen by the U.S. Army for their excellence and reliability and supplied the best watches and jackets to pilots during World War II, becoming symbols of the 1940s military style.

Zenith Presents Its First Watch Based On A Japanese Manga, The “A384 Revival Lupin The Third Edition”


With the release of the A384 Revival this year to mark the 50th anniversary of the El Primero calibre, the opportunity to finally create the watch depicted in the Japanese manga and anime series Lupin the Third presented itself to Zenith. Limited to 50 pieces, the A384 Lupin The Third Edition is Japan-exclusive. This collaboration marks the first time that a Zenith watch has been made based on a manga and anime series.

Will You Dare To Confront The Limited-Edition Hammerhead Shark Attack?


The tide has already come crashing in this winter in Switzerland, bringing with it three brash new models in the Ulysse Nardin DIVER collection. After the November launch of the DIVER X & LADY DIVER, Ulysse Nardin is now emerging with the latest chapter in the DIVER story: three new, bold 44 mm chronographs: a black and titanium version, a UN-blue and rose gold version and a blue & red and titanium Hammerhead Shark special numbered edition. These striking models cap the wave of the Ulysse Nardin armada of DIVER watches, reasserting its uncontestable status as the watchmaker of the oceans and demonstrating the Manufacture’s capacity to sail ever forward.

Patrimony Self-Winding - Minimalist Elegance In A Midnight Blue Gown


Available in two 36 mm and 36.5 mm feminine versions, the Patrimony self-winding watch adopts a new sunburst satin-finish blue dial making a perfect match with the pink gold of its case. A chic and timeless signature, pared down or set with diamonds. Simply quintessential!

The Chronographs Have Arrived!


OMEGA’s brand new Seamaster Diver 300M Chronograph collection becomes available worldwide. The Seamaster Diver 300M is a modern classic in the world of watchmaking. First launched in 1993, its reputation for underwater excellence and design has grown significantly over the past 26 years. Now, OMEGA has brought its latest collection of chronographs to the surface. Customers everywhere have the chance to try these watches on – and view the beautiful new features up close.

Join us for Mimosas and magnificent Messika Jewelry

December 16th, 2019

Join us on Monday, December 16th, 10am - 2pm for Mimosas and magnificent Messika Jewelry Manfredi Jewels will donate 10% of all Messika sales to kids in crisis. Location: 121 Greenwich Ave, Greeniwch, CT 06830

Manfredi New Canaan x TUDOR Holiday Party! Celebrate with Us...

December 13, 2019

Join us for an exclusive holiday celebration and viewing of the 2019 TUDOR collection. Manfredi Jewels is thrilled to launch TUDOR WATCH in New Canaan.

Introducing Breguet Marine 5517 Bucherer Blue Editions

December 7, 2019

Through Bucherer BLUE EDITIONS, the traditional family business from Lucerne celebrates the fine art of watchmaking elegantly combining tradition with innovation. In keeping with this fascinating approach comes the most recent addition to the exclusive collection: a collaboration with Breguet. The Marine 5517 model makes its debut in a new and exciting creation with a deep blue engine-turned dial, paired with a titanium case – a first for this model range.

Breguet Marine Chronograph 5527

December 7, 2019

Abraham-Louis Breguet was the brains behind countless inventions in the watchmaking world. In addition to the tourbillon and the pare-chute shock protection device, to mention only two, we also owe to him the split-seconds chronograph, a complication that will soon be celebrating two centuries of existence. Not only did he produce certain timepieces equipped with a seconds hand that could be started and stopped on demand before 1810, but A.-L. Breguet subsequently created an ingenious inking chronograph with his pupil Fatton, then went even further by developing a “chronomètre à doubles secondes, dit d’observation” from 1820 onwards, the undisputed ancestor of all split-seconds chronographs. Breguet’s work inspired the entire watchmaking profession in all fields, and notably that of chronographs.

Get a free watch winder with the purchase of a watch at Manfredi Jewels

December 7, 2019

Keep your watch wound with this amazing deal, for a limited time only. Manfredi Jewels is currently running an excellent deal you won't want to miss out on. For a limited time only, Manfredi will give you a free Wolf watch winder when you spend over $2,000 on a new luxury watch. Browse the watches & watch winders. There are over 1,000 watches included in this deal, and you can browse them all...

Vacheron Constantin Overseas dual time

December 7, 2019

Technicality meets practicality in the new Overseas dual time model equipped with an in-house movement enabling simultaneous reading of two timezones governed by particularly user-friendly handling and enhanced by three interchangeable bracelet/straps in steel, leather or rubber. The traveller-dedicated Overseas dual time watch flaunts a distinctive design epitomising Fine Watchmaking dedicated to user friendliness. A six-sided bezel inspired by the emblematic Maltese cross; in-house movements designed for smooth and easy handling; an oscillating weight adorned with a wind rose, interchangeable bracelet/straps: Overseas embodies a modern lifestyle resolutely open to the wider world. This Overseas dual time timekeeper joins the adventure equipped with the eponymous function representing a complication much favoured by globetrotters.

Vacheron Constantin Historiques Cornes De Vache 1955

September 4, 2019

Born in 1955 in the effervescence of the post-war years, the "Cornes de vache" model, named after the characteristic shape of its lugs, quickly established itself as one of the emblematic chronographs of its time. Bearing reference 6087 and produced in extremely limited numbers, it is today one of the most sought-after models among devotees of the Maison. In the vintage spirit of its Historiques collection, Vacheron Constantin is offering a reissue of this steel piece characterised by a blend of tradition and stylistic originality.

Montblanc Heritage Small Second Limited Edition 38


Inspired by Minerva timepieces from the 1950s, Montblanc discovers a hidden box of original Minerva MB M62.00 calibers from 2003. Only 38 movements were discovered in the archives of the Manufacture in Villeret (Jura mountains, Switzerland) and they now equip the new Montblanc Heritage Small Second Limited Edition 38. These timepieces feature all the codes of fine watchmaking with a pure, classic, vintage design. For the first time, this rare limited edition timepiece bears the name of Minerva on the dial in the form of a secret signature, which will only occur this one time, making this a true Heritage timepiece for collectors and watch aficionados.

Jaquet Droz Celebrates The New Chinese Zodiac Cycle With Four Exclusive Creations

December 5, 2019

The brand is shining the spotlight on its Ateliers d’Art by featuring four variations of its Petite Heure Minute watch that celebrate the sign of the Rat. This animal thus marks the start of a new cycle in the Chinese calendar.

A Special Seamaster Released! OMEGA Unveils The 007 Edition

December 4, 2019

Daniel Craig and the 007 producers collaborate on a new James Bond timepiece. The 25th official James Bond film, No Time To Die, will be released in April 2020 and OMEGA has unveiled the new timepiece that will be worn by 007 in the film. As well as appearing on screen, this non-limited watch will also be made available in OMEGA’s current collection from February.

Chopard Mille Miglia GTS Power Control – Racing In Style

December 4, 2019

With the Mille Miglia GTS Power Control, Chopard unveils a new, limited edition watch inspired by the evocative world of classic automobiles. Featuring a a two-tone steel and 18-carat ethical rose gold case, the Mille Miglia GTS Power Control is endowed with a Chronometer-certified, self-winding movement offering 60 hours of power reserve, and a dial and strap recalling the tones of historic competition cars.


November 25, 2019

This Holiday Season, Chopard looked to five high-end influencers known for their unique sense of style to create luxury gift guides filled with wonders for all the dear ones on your list.

Holiday Gift Guide: The 13 Top Luxury Watches

November 25, 2019

For the perfect gift this holiday season, look no further than Manfredi Jewels for a luxurious and iconic watch for him or her. The family-owned company has been in business since 1988 and is an authorized dealer for over 60 luxury watch and jewelry brands, including Rolex, Chopard, Montblanc, Omega and Hermès. Manfredi will gift wrap your watch beautifully if you order online or purchase in their Greenwich or New Canaan stores and shipping is always complimentary. Here are the 13 best watches to gift this year

Vacheron Constantin Overseas: Back To Black

November 21, 2019

The Overseas collection treats itself to a total black look. Two new timepieces are available in a black lacquered dial beautifully framed by the shimmering gleam of the steel case.

Ulysse Nardin Diver X Cape Horn & Nemo Point: Timepieces For The Everest Of The Seas

November 21, 2019

The Vendée Globe is the world’s most daunting open-ocean race and Ulysse Nardin has risen to the challenge by creating the peerless Diver X Cape Horn and Diver X Nemo Point.

Harry Winston Presents The Premier Hypnotic Opal Mosaic

October 22, 2019

Harry Winston presents the Premier Hypnotic Opal Mosaic, a spellbinding timepiece that celebrates Mr. Winston’s passion for motion and color in fine jewelry. Crafted in luxurious 18-karat white gold, a spellbinding profusion of baguette-cut diamonds and vivid blue sapphires swirls against an iridescent opal background, diffusing color and kinetic energy in all directions.

The Longines Heritage Classic: Immersion In The 1930s

Today, Longines revisits a model typical of the 1930s – characterised by the aesthetic of its sector dial – to bring forth The Longines Heritage Classic.


November 28, 2019

Once upon a time there was the whisper of a starlit night. Wafting on the breeze was a festive scent and the magic of Christmas was well and truly in the air. The rustling forest exuded fragrant resins and spices, hinting at the scintillating promise of joyful celebrations.

BVLGARI Serpenti Seduttori watch

October 18, 2019


Urban Jürgensen One GMT: A Reason to Travel...

October 17, 2019

In its first foray into the sport-watch category, Denmark's Urban Jürgensen has designed a new icon, says L.A. artist Wes Lang.

SeaQ revives tradition of diver’s watches made in Glashütte

October 5, 2019

Timepieces from Glashütte have long been valued around the world for their high-quality mechanics, elaborate finishes and timeless elegance. Since the 19th century, precise timekeepers from Glashütte have also been used as reliable instruments for navigation and for determining one’s position on land, at sea and in the air.


October 1, 2019

Contemporary, refined and assertive, the new Alpine Eagle sports chic timepiece collection is a state-of-the-art reinterpretation of the St. Moritz, the first watch created in 1980 by Karl-Friedrich Scheufele, now co-president of Chopard. Imagined and personally designed by him, Alpine Eagle is driven by his passion for the Alps and by the lofty power of the eagle that reigns supreme there.

The SeaQ Panorama Date wins CAPITAL WATCH AWARD 2019

November 25, 2019

For the second year in a row the business magazine Capital has honored the year ‘s best watches with its CAPITAL WATCH AWARD. The award ceremony took place Tuesday evening, 19 November 2019, in Berlin

Montblanc Trunk Show at Manfredi Jewels Greenwich Location

November 9th, 2019

Manfredi invited you to an exlusive Montblanc Trunk Show. Timpieces only seen at WatchTime NY. Manfredi Jewels 121 Greenwich Avenue Greenwich CT 06830 Saturday, November 9th, 2019 10:00 AM - 5:30 PM

The History of Seiko Through 12 Milestone Seiko Watches

November 6, 2019

Those who know Seiko mainly for its lower-priced quartz watches — and even many who have discovered the Japanese brand’s high-horology Grand Seiko timepieces — may be unaware that Seiko’s history of watchmaking stretches all the way back to the late 19th century, and includes several watch-world firsts. Here are the highlights.

Two New Shades Of OMEGA Aqua Terra


OMEGA’s classic collection gets a boost of extra colour - with new dials in blue and green. With its diverse selection of dials, bracelets and straps, OMEGA’s Seamaster Aqua Terra collection for men already offers an incredible choice of looks. There is of course, always room to bloom, especially when discerning customers demand it. To answer the call, OMEGA’s watchmakers have added two new dial colours to the popular collection’s rich palette.

Grand Seiko Heritage Collection Limited Edition

October 30, 2019

From the Grand Seiko Heritage Collection, a limited edition model has emerged that focuses on autumn in Japan. The dial captures the scenery seen in the mountainous areas of Japan in which the leaves gradually turn to a deep red as the season changes from summer to autumn. This limited model, expresses the unique scenery of autumn in Japan, showing a range of gradations of the leaves that gradually turn red. Its colors reflects not only the leaves of autumn but also the way that their colors are reflected in the lacquered wooden floors of traditional Japanese architecture.



The new heroines Kate Moss, Sylvia Hoeks, Joan Smalls… For her next campaign, Valérie Messika has chosen to cast three contemporary icons that break the codes of Parisian jewelry.

Urwerk UR-111C Black

October 30, 2019

Once you have seen it, it is impossible to get the UR-111C Black out of your mind. It seems deliberately designed to mesmerise. At first glance, it is the fiery contrast of the orange markings against the dark case that captures the imagination. Then the case itself. You can almost feel its balanced and fluid lines moulding to your wrist. Like all of URWERK’s watches, it’s built to astonish, albeit on traditional mechanical watchmaking principles. And it’s true to URWERK’s purpose — to demonstrate unusual and unexpected ways of telling the time on your wrist.

Gucci launches the new watch line GRIP

Gucci introduces a brand-new genderless watch line: Grip. The name Grip is a reference not only to the way in which the timepiece fits snug to the wrist: the watch hugs the wrist, adhering in the way trainers stick to the grip tape on a skateboard.

Chronograph in a fascinating colour-play

October 14, 2019

Special limited edition Seventies Chronograph Panorama Date in green and grey. The Seventies Chronograph Panorama Date from Glashütte Original continues to enjoy an enthusiastic reception five years it was first presented to friends of fine watches around the world.

Spring Drive and Godzilla. A celebration of two anniversaries in a Grand Seiko limited edition.

October 2, 2019

The 20th anniversary of Spring Drive is celebrated this year with a new design in Grand Seiko’s sport collection that showcases the watches’ capabilities to withstand the most demanding sport environment. The design brings a new edge to the collection with its sharp corners and bold case and today, a new creation celebrates the anniversaries of both Spring Drive and Japan’s iconic monster, Godzilla, in a striking commemorative edition.

2019 Baselworld TUDOR BLACK BAY P01

TUDOR introduces the Black Bay P01, a watch based on a legendary prototype developed in the late 1960s and proposed to the US Navy, and in so doing lifts the veil on a little-known aspect of its history.

Grand Seiko Pays Tribute to the Nature of Time and Japan’s Twenty-Four Seasons with Four New Timepieces in its Heritage Collection.

Sep 30, 2019

Unveiling its deep sensibilities and a reverence for the Japanese passage of time, Grand Seiko has reimagined the iconic 62GS design with four new timepieces for its Heritage Collection.

New OMEGA Celebrates Classic Bond Movie

September 24th, 2019

OMEGA releases a Seamaster Diver 300M to celebrate the 50th anniversary of On Her Majesty’s Secret Service (1969), replete with 007-details and more than a few surprises.

A one-off signed DE BETHUNE x URWERK for Only Watch 2019

Expressing the perfection ofthe celestial order, this unique timepiece is a complex interaction of mechanismsspecific to De Bethune and Urwerk – a true fusion of their watchmaking genes.

Laureato Skeleton Earth to Sky Edition

June 28, 2019

An alliance of the unscrutable blackness of the cosmos and the blueness of Earth, of ceramic with the sensuousness of a skeleton movement, conceived like a sculpture to form a whole that is resolutely contemporary, masculine, assertive and distinctive.

Omega Seamaster Diver 300M White Ceramic Dial

May 19, 2019

Amongst the many choices of Seamaster Diver 300M, customers can now choose this model with a new white ceramic [ZrO2] dial. The colour works perfectly with the surrounding black bezel and stainless steel case. White Ceramic Dial To give the new ceramic white dial extra depth, OMEGA has included laser-engraved waves, a date window at 6 o’clock and the famous Seamaster name highlighted in red. Blackened hands and indexes complete the design and are filled with white Super- LumiNova.


Sep 23, 2019

Taraji P. Henson once again turns heads as she strikes a pose at the 2019 Emmy Awards. Ms. Henson radiates pure elegance wearing a bold colored gown, adorned with New Barocco Diamond Earrings, a Diamond Petals Ring, and a Pois Moi Luna bracelet.

Bell & Ross Releases the New BR05 Collection

Sep 5, 2019

Bell & Ross, leading brand in the aviation watch market with its iconic square BR03 model designed for professionals in extreme environments, is now unveiling its BR05 collection. Faithful to the brand’s watchwords of legibility, functionality, reliability and precision, this new model boasts a resolutely urban look and feel.

30 Most Expensive Celebrity Engagement Rings

August 28, 2019

Whether you ardently follow celebrity news or only flip through a celeb magazine every so often, we confess that we are fans of ring-spotting incredible celebrity engagement rings to see who got it right...and who should have chosen Tacori.

Zenith celebrates summer with a feminine take on three iconic watch designs

JULY 24, 2019

Founded over 150 years ago, Zenith has always been an innovator and a designer of timeless watches. Each of the Maison’s collections reflects a unique mindset, bridging past, present and future. Zenith’s iconic designs are traditionally worn by men, but this summer the watchmaker shows that they look every bit as striking on women.



The buyer of this one-off timepiece will also be rewarded with an unprecedented array of watchmaking experiences offering an immersion into luxury according to Zenith. Like the watches in the 50th anniversary commemoration box, the Only Watch special edition comes with a lifetime warranty (including service) in honour of the current El Primero 50th anniversary celebration. It also includes an invitation for the purchaser to visit the Monde étoile de Zenith and the famous grenier of its Manufacture in Le Locle, the attic where Charles Vermot hid the famous tools for the El Primero movement that was to revolutionise Zenith’s future.


July 5,2019

When the El Primero automatic chronograph calibre was first announced in 1969, it took the world of watchmaking by storm. It was the first automatic chronograph movement and brought forth a set of distinctive features, which have allowed it to stand the test of time and remain an exceptional movement half a century on: a high frequency of 36’000 vph, a column-wheel chronograph mechanism, and an automatic winding system that delivers 50 hours of power reserve.

Hermes Slim d'Hermès Titane

March 12, 2019

The new Slim D’Hermès asserts its singular character through colourful touches. Its ultra-light titanium case, its anthracite dial lit up with Hermès orange and its ultra-thin Manufacture Hermès movement form a lively yet understated composition. Sleek lines and playful contrasts set a resolutely dynamic and bold tone for the Slim d’Hermès Titane, an interpretation enriching the Slim d’Hermès collection. Created in 2015 by Philippe Delhotal, Creative Director of the Hermès watchmaking division, this model is the epitome of simplicity, rigorous discipline and balance. The delicate curves of its round case with angular lugs, the purity of its dial with its original font designed by Philippe Apeloig, conceal the Hermès Manufacture Hermès H1950 self-winding movement adorned with a sprinkling of Hs.


The lineSport collection broadens with the new Chronographe Monopoussoir Rattrapante, available in 3 versions: one in Platinum PT 950, one in 18 K red Gold and one in Titanium grade 5. The case of 44 mm diameter and 12 mm thick encloses the new monopoussoir split second chronograph movement with a very large date, made in 18 K rose Gold for the Platinum and the red Gold versions and in Aluminium alloy for the Titanium version.

Seiko Presage salutes Japanese craftsmanship in porcelain from Arita.

March 21, 2019

In a few short years, the Presage collection has won over watch lovers throughout the world for its collection of watches that combine Seiko’s traditional watchmaking skills with dials that showcase different forms of Japanese craftsmanship, from enamel to Urushi lacquer. Today, Presage brings to life another expression of Japan’s rich cultural heritage in a series of two automatic watches with dials made of porcelain from Arita, a town which, for over 400 years, has been the home of porcelain in Japan.


March 19, 2019

A CLASSICAL DEFINITION OF BEAUTY “such a harmony among the parts and of the part to the whole and the whole to the part, that nothing could be added, changed, or removed, but for the worse.”


March 20, 2019

A high-performance, unprecedented calibre such as the El Primero 21 deserves a resolutely contemporary design, while remaining faithful to the Zenith El Primero heritage of boundary-pushing precision. Featuring a combination of straight lines and angles, the geometric facets of the case perfectly complement the voluminous architecture of the openworked movement. The highest frequency chronograph ever to be serially produced now comes in a lightweight and robust carbon fibre case.

Girard-Perregaux La Esmeralda Tourbillon

April 8, 2019

Girard-Perregaux presents La Esmeralda Tourbillon in white gold. This timepiece is directly inspired by the famous pocket watch created by Constant Girard, which won a gold medal at the Paris Universal Exhibition in 1889. The symmetrical and ingenious architecture of the movement becomes the face of the watch. The movement is equipped with a platinum micro-rotor fitted beneath the barrel. Each of its 310 components is polished and hand-engraving in keeping with the finest traditions. The design of the famous three gold bridges is inspired by those of the 1889 Esmeralda. Five different types of finishes are skilfully hand-crafted.

Blancpain Air Command

May 20, 2019

The Blancpain Air Command chronograph belongs to the select circle of legendary watches whose very rareness exacerbates their appeal to collectors. While its creation remains something of a mystery and has generated a variety of stories, its military vocation is a certainty. Considered superior to that of other timepieces of this type, its design is likewise universally admired. Blancpain is now reissuing this legendary model in a 500-piece vintage style edition and the arrival of this major new model in the brand’s collections testifies to a little-known part of its history.

4Cs of Diamond Quality

May 9, 2019

Beautiful. Rare. Cherished. Each diamond is unique and is a miracle of time, place and change. And each has specific qualities that establish its value. Until the middle of the twentieth century, there was no agreed-upon standard by which diamonds could be judged. GIA created the first, and now globally accepted standard for describing diamonds: Color, Clarity, Cut and Carat Weight.

Grand Seiko Elegance Collection Spring Drive SBGA407

April 26, 2019

A classical case that conveys the atmosphere of the first GS, and a spring drive model that reflects the "snowflake blue" dial, has emerged. The distinctive dial pattern, which is inspired by the beauty of the snow in the Shinshu region. This pattern is known as "Snowflake" and used mainly as dial finish, and has gained popularity from around the world. This is the first blue color model to be colored while emphasizing the delicate texture of Japanese paper, which is unique to snow and white dials.

Laurent Ferrier Tourbillon Grand Sport

May 6, 2019

A brand-new collection in a sporty style to celebrate 40 years since the brand’s founders raced together at the 24 Hours of Le Mans and 10 years since the conception of its very first tourbillon.

Grand Seiko Baselworld 2019 Exclusive Preview

MAY 11, 2019

Manfredi invites you to preview Grand Seiko new Baselworld Novelties on May 11th... Come see the SBGA407, SBGA403, SBGC230, SBGC 231, SBGY002, SBGY003, SBGZ001, SBGZ003 and more before they will be released later this year....

Messika Trunk Show and special book signing by Lynda Cohen Loigman....

MAY 3 and 4, 2019

Manfredi & Messika will be donating 5% of the retail price to Special Education Legal Fund.

THE BIG INTERVIEW: Manfredi’s Roberto Chiappelloni describes his journey from trattorias to top end timepieces

APRIL 23, 2019

Roberto Chiappelloni built his first successful business empire as a restaurateur, bringing his passion for food from his Italian homeland to the residents of Queens and upstate New York. But a love of watches and a chance encounter with the owner of a pawn shop who sold him unloved timepieces turned into a second career as the creator and owner of Manfredi Jewels. The company now has two stores in Greenwich, CT, one selling pieces from the world’s most exclusive independent watchmakers, the other an authorized Rolex boutique. Mr Chiappelloni has helped many great watchmakers get a foothold in the United States, but now, as he tells WatchPro’s Rob Corder, finds little loyalty in return for his decades of service and wants to see much tougher action to fight the gray market so that he can continue giving gold standard service and support to his valued customers.

Montblanc 1858 And The Power of Reconnecting Through Nature

APR 1, 2019

In today’s fast-paced and interconnected world, finding the inner clarity and inspiration to focus on the things that really matter can be challenging, but stepping outside to experience nature can help us reconnect with who we are and the world around us. Montblanc’s new campaign tells the story of two different individuals, each on their own journey of self-discovery through nature, accompanied by the Montblanc 1858 Geosphere, a Montblanc watch that pays tribute to the legendary Minerva watches from the 1930’s and captures the spirit of the great outdoors.

5 Ways To Bloom Your Diamond

MARCH 26, 2019

Most commonly known as the “Halo”, at Tacori we “Bloom” your center diamond to add some extra sparkle to your ring! No matter which bloom you choose, a Tacori Bloom is a gorgeous design detail that will make heads turn with its added pop of sparkle. Tacori Blooms perfectly wrap around the center stones for a seamless blanket of diamonds.

TRUE LUXURY - Manfredi Jewels of Greenwich has created a haven for luxury shoppers.

MARCH 21, 2019

For Manfredi Jewels, the focus is squarely on the client where the shopper can enjoy a combination of unparalleled selection coupled with uncompromising quality, in a boutique setting. Here, owner Roberto Chiappelloni discusses what it takes to create a luxury experience as he and his staff cater to the demands of today’s brand-savvy consumers of watches and fine jewelry.

Glashütte Original presents new annual edition: Sixties and Sixties Panorama Date

FEBRUARY 20, 2019

The Sixties line presents legendary 1960s design and embodies the art of Glashütte watchmaking, whose traditions date back to 1845. Lively and extrovert, dedicated to the spirit of the times today, it is certainly not something for fans of nostalgia. It was only in 2018 that the popular line saw the first of its striking annual editions. The fascinating green versions inspired watch and design enthusiasts all over the world. Today Glashütte Original delivers an exciting sequel to this success story: for its annual edition 2019, the German manufactory presents the Sixties and Sixties Panorama Date in multi-faceted orange.


FEBRUARY 18, 2019

In its current collection, the new Breguet Classique 5177 presents the Breguet blue for the first time in a grand feu enamel. This unique color affirms the elegant simplicity of the Breguet style in a contemporary register. In the eighteenth century, an age marked by baroque exuberance, Abraham-Louis Breguet favored refined aesthetics. This simplicity became par for the course and its style seduced the elite. In 2019, the new Breguet Classique 5177 Grand Feu Blue Enamel is essentially inspired by these neoclassical lines. However, Breguet adds a fresh new touch this time, with the color of the blued hands being transposed onto the dial; presenting an unprecedented deep blue grand feu enamel.


FEBRUARY 11, 2019

HAMILTON AND INTERSTELLAR: MAKING ‘THE MURPH’ In 2014, the futuristic blockbuster Interstellar hit movie theaters, captivating audiences with its special effects, intriguing plot and the love story between a father and his daughter. The Khaki Field Murph is one of the main emotional links between the two main characters.

A new manual-winding caliber. A new slim profile. An Urushi dial. The Grand Seiko Elegance Collection sets a new course.

FEBRUARY 5, 2019

Grand Seiko is pleased to announce a new slim design in the Elegance Collection. The combination of a new case, a new manual-winding caliber with a small seconds hand and Urushi lacquer has made possible the creation of a watch that offers a new graceful refinement as well as Grand Seiko’s uniquely Japanese aesthetic.


JANUARY 15, 2019

Style and substance come together seamlessly in the new DEFY Classic Black, White and Blue Ceramic timepieces, marking the first time the ultra-hard and integrally colored material makes its way to the DEFY Classic collection. With an intriguing display of micro-mechanics accentuated by monochromatic tones, paired with the superlative performance that is synonymous with the Zenith manufacture and its in-house calibres, the new trio of DEFY Classic Ceramic resonates with the style-conscious urbanite.

SIHH 19: Shade of blue, New Fiftysix® models

JANUARY 14, 2019

Casually styled and eminently suited to daily wear, the Fiftysix collection welcomes two new models. Launched in 2018 at London’s legendary Abbey Road Studios in the company of Benjamin Clementine – one of the talents personifying the collection in the new Vacheron Constantin communication campaign –, Fiftysix is revisiting the codes of an iconic 1956 model. The models unveiled to date are now joined by a version featuring a petrol blue dial specifically developed for this collection. The epitome of relaxed elegance, this shade lends a noble touch to the masculine wardrobe, and will now attire the dials of the Fiftysix self-winding and Fiftysix complete calendar models.

Discover The New Speake-Marin Openworked Tourbillon

January 30, 2019

After the successes of the “One&Two” Openworked Hours& Minutes and the “One&Two” Openworked Dual Time launched in the last two years, which marked a new aesthetic trend for the brand, Speake-Marin now extends its Openworked collection with a new complication: a 60 seconds Flying Tourbillon.

Jaquet Droz Grande Seconde Skelet-One Ceramic

DECEMBER 19, 2018

Sheathed in black ceramic, boasting a dial with blued steel screws and white gold indexes, and worn on a blue canvas strap, the Grande Seconde Skelet-One Ceramic by Jaquet Droz solidifies its modern, masculine identity.

Hermès Arceau 78

December 28, 2018

The Arceau 78 watch features the understated and elegant allure of a timeless object paradoxically in tune with its time. In 1978, Henri d’Origny ‘unbridled’ aesthetic codes by combining a round case with asymmetrical lugs inspired by stirrups, and a sloping font evoking a horse’s galop. This Very Large Model in stainless steel with a 40 mm diameter now comes with a grained anthracite dial, cream-coloured numerals and hands, as well as a natural Barenia calf strap.

Parmigiani Fleurier Tonda Métropolitaine Sélène Rose Gold

December 3, 2018

A feminine complication that marries elegance and
the celestial world with the majesty of rose gold. Parmigiani Fleurier has expanded its Tonda Métropolitaine Sélène range following the resounding success of this watch, launched in 2016, with two new models in rose gold. These models display the moon phases thanks to a movement produced entirely in-house and set in a modern, refined rose gold case.

Manfredi Jewels Is Throwing A 30th Anniversary Party (And You're Invited) The watch world institution is celebrating three decades in business.

OCTOBER 24, 2018

Our friends over at Manfredi Jewels in Greenwich, Connecticut, are marking a pretty major anniversary this year – it's been 30 years since Roberto Chiappelloni set up shop and created one of the best watch retailers out there today. To celebrate, they're hosting a party at their shop on Greenwich Avenue and would love for you to be there. It should be a pretty incredible night, with cocktails, food, and some of the coolest watches (and watch collectors) you'll find anywhere in the world.

Manfredi Jewels works with top end indie watchmakers to celebrate 30th anniversary

OCTOBER 17, 2018

Manfredi Jewels will hold a celebration to mark its 30th anniversary this month at its flagship boutique in Greenwich, Connecticut, and is teaming up with some of its most prestigious brands including Fabergé, Messika, Voutilainen, and Grönefeld to create and showcase one-of-a-kind pieces.

Voutilainen x Manfredi 30th Anniversary

MAY 24, 2018

Two things the watch industry loves more than anything are collaborations and anniversaries. When the two are combined in the right way, you can get a very special timepiece that exceeds what any single entity could have imagined on their own; when combined poorly – and boy can it be done poorly – you get hackneyed watches with inflated price tags and fluffy marketing campaigns. Luckily, the watch we have here today is a near perfect example of the former, and doesn't contain a trace of the latter. To celebrate their 30th year in business, Manfredi Jewels of Greenwich, Connecticut, has teamed up with Kari Voutilainen to create a set of eight complicated, customizable watches in stainless steel. Yeah, like I said.

Girard-Perregaux Partners the WinteRace

June 6, 2018

Girard-Perregaux once again participated in the WinteRace, the classic regularity rally, which was held in the beautiful setting of Cortina d'Ampezzo from March 1st to 3rd 2018. Accompanying the Girard-Perregaux team on the snowy roads was the new Laureato Chronograph.

Harry Winston Emerald Collection

January 18, 2018

Two years after its successful debut, the Harry Winston Emerald Collection welcomes a sophisticated new timepiece, adorned with soft pink tones, brilliant- cut diamonds and mother-of-pearl. It is the perfect luxury accessory for women who want both the practicality of a timepiece and the hallmark glamour of Harry Winston jewels. New colors for today’s woman A spring breeze is blowing through Harry Winston. Novel color combinations and fresh design elements are captivating a new generation of women who value not only the everyday practicality of a trusted timepiece but also the extraordinary diamonds that define Harry Winston’s iconic jewelry collections.

Manfredi Launches ‘The Rare Watch Man’ Podcast Series

November 17, 2017

Manfredi has teamed up with award winning syndicated Talk Radio Personality and Entrepreneur Debbie Nigro to create this one-of-a-kind series. Each of the 8 episodes will feature in-depth interviews with the Manfredi Jewels owner and rare watch collector Roberto Chiappelloni. He will provide his insights on collecting fine timepieces, the history of some of the most iconic watch brands, the state of the luxury industry today as well as personal stories and recommendations for all watch collectors.

An Evening With Manfredi Jewels (And Peter Speake Marin) In Greenwich, CT

DECEMBER 18, 2016

In what is fast becoming a yearly tradition, this past week, our team co-hosted a warm holiday cocktail at legendary Greenwich, CT, retailer Manfredi Jewels. Manfredi is no stranger to most HODINKEE readers, as it remains one of the great independent retailers in the United States, carrying the likes of Audemars Piguet, Omega, Zenith, Ulysse Nardin, Breguet, and Vacheron Constantin, but also independents like Richard Mille, Laurent Ferrier, Ressence, and even Kari Voutilainen. So, to say that our guests had a lot to look at would be something of an understatement.

Join HODINKEE Founder Ben Clymer At Manfredi Jewels In Greenwich, CT (Along With A Very Special Guest)

DECEMBER 13, 2016

Tomorrow evening, Team HODINKEE will be making its way out to Greenwich, Connecticut, to enjoy a cocktail or two at Manfredi Jewels, a must-visit spot for any watch lover. Roberto Chiappelloni of Manfredi Jewels and our own Ben Clymer will be welcoming guests for drinks, hors d'ouvres, and, of course, tons of incredible watches, along with special guest Peter Speake Marin, founder of his own eponymous watch brand. It's going to be an incredible night and we'd love you to join us.

Girard-Perregaux Cat’s Eye Aventurine


The Girard-Perregaux Manufacture presents this seductive new version of its iconic Cat’s Eye collection, widely acclaimed for its magnificent aesthetic and mechanical features. With its dark glittering color dial in aventurine that recalls a night sky full of starts, the new model Girard-Perregaux poetically marks out each hour of day and night as a precious moment.

WW15: Two new additions to the Malte collection, enhanced with slate-coloured dials


This year, the Malte collection welcomes two models in 18K white gold or 18K 5N pink gold featuring a slate-coloured dial and stamped with the prestigious Hallmark of Geneva. These two timepieces complement the current range of Malte models driven by the now iconic Vacheron Constantin hand- wound Caliber 4400 with its 65-hour power reserve

Recapping Last Night's Event With HODINKEE And Manfredi Jewels In Greenwich, CT

OCTOBER 14, 2015

Last night HODINKEE hosted a fantastic event with Manfredi Jewels at their beautiful boutique in Greenwich, CT. There was a great turn out of HODINKEE readers as well as local clients of Manfredi Jewels – with tons of watches to try on and the champagne flowing.

Watches & Jewelry that Inspire: Manfredi Jewels

September 25, 2015

Bright, shiny and something to long for, a good watch (or piece of fine jewelry) is not hard to come by at Manfredi Jewels. And that’s exactly what owner Roberto Chiappelloni hopes customers find when they visit his Greenwich Avenue store.

Baselworld 2015: Serpenti Goes Head-over-tail


An ode to eternal renewal: new masterpieces join the Serpenti family to boldly epitomise what a jewellery-watch can be Bulgari design strikes like a snake, with a stunning expansion of the iconic Serpenti collection, revealed at the 2015 Basel Watch Fair. With inexhaustible creativity, Bulgari’s Serpenti timepieces are reinterpreted with a head-over-tail design, a variation on the beloved original that becomes only more iconic with time. This latest Serpenti joins the family as a masterpiece of craftsmanship, lithely coiling with artisanal gold, mother-of-pearl, lacquer and diamonds, and boldly epitomising what a jewellery-watch can be. As the new face of Serpenti, the design of these innovative snakes entwines wearability with watchmaking, providing an everyday look that is rich with Serpenti seduction.

Manfredi Jewels: 26 Years in Greenwich and Now in New Canaan

Feb 24, 2015

Roberto Chiappeloni wants his New Canaan store to replicate the success of his longstanding Greenwich Avenue store. The Manfredi store, which officially opened this past weekend, is the first branch location for the store, founded in 1988 in downtown Greenwich. Roberto Chiappelloni, the co-owner, was a restaurateur with several restaurants who liked to collect watches and decided to make that interest the basis of a watch and jewelry store.

Buying Watches In Greenwich, Connecticut: Manfredi Jewels

FEB 15, 2015

Welcome back to an aBlogtoWatch original series, where we discuss important stores that sell watches all over the world. Each store we profile has an interesting story to tell about where they operate and who they sell to. Whether you buy watches from brick and mortar retailers or prefer to buy watches online, these are the stores that help shape our watch culture around the globe. There is a long list of stores to cover, but if there is a retail location in your favorite city that we simply can’t miss, let us know in the comments below.

Watch Shopping In Greenwich, Connecticut: A Visit To Manfredi Jewels - One of a small handful of truly meaningful watch stores in the U.S.

SEPTEMBER 30, 2014

There are just a small handful of truly meaningful watch stores in the United States. This group of forward-thinking, daring, and creative jewelers are, in some cases, responsible for breeding the generation of watch buyers that kept the entire industry afloat during some of its hardest times, and built it into the period of development and innovation that we are currently enjoying. Without these select watch retailers, there would be no industry to enjoy. Roberto Chiappelloni's Manfredi Jewels in Greenwich, CT, is at the forefront of this group, and today, we take an inside look at this amazing bastion of watchmaking.


November 4, 2016

The Black Bay Bronze is a tribute to the long standing relationship between TUDOR and some of the largest navies in the world – including the French and the US Navy – which all extensively made use of TUDOR diving watches over the years.