Tacori Predicts The Biggest Engagement Ring Trends For 2021

Love is essential, now more than ever. As we turn to the new year, couples are continuing to reimagine how they choose to celebrate their love. Creativity and personalization are front and center as couples choose new symbols  to mark their connection and commitment. 

Our COO and Design Director, Nadine Tacorian Arzerounian shares her take on the biggest engagement ring trends of 2021. "This year, couples are eager to celebrate love by making the ring their own."

From simple solitaires with distinctive details to pops of sentimental color, here's our guide to make your ring, uniquely you.

The New Heirlooms

Connecting modern love stories to vintage details, creating new family traditions and legacies.

Simply Solitaire

Minimalist, classic, and universally adored, this is the new way to do solitaires. "Solitaire rings are always a favorite. We like to add subtle and unique design elements to differentiate from the rest -- whether it's hidden blooms, diamonds on the prongs, or a more intricate Crescent Fabric," says Nadine.

Statement Sparkle

Bloom effects, showstopping center-stones or tantalizing trios.

Color Pop

Sapphires, rubies, emeralds, and what else? This is the year to get color-creative with your favorite gemstones. Try a splashy shade as the center stone, or as side stones to complement your diamond.

Textural Fabrics

This season’s favorite engagement rings come in a flurry of fabrics, ranging from delicate details in our Simply Tacori through to all-out intricate designs in our Classic Crecent and Petite Crescent styles. "Our rings are all about secret details—hidden messages of love only you and your partner know about. Our iconic crescent - a heart shape form is embedded in every Tacori piece," says Nadine.

Bloom Effects

Prismatic perfection, playing with perceptions, blooms are big for 2021 and come served in an array of effects. Elevate your center-stone with a subtle or statement spread of sparkling diamonds.

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