A wristwatch is not merely an instrument on your hand that indicates the time of the day, it is an extension of your personality. A luxury watch adorning your wrist adds a distinct touch to your character vis a vis a piece of mass production.

Luxury watches are exquisitely crafted timepieces that epitomize elegance. There is immense hard work behind the glamorous accessory that adorns your wrist. If the universe of luxury watches has swept you off your feet and you want to take the first step in acquiring one, let us tell you the top reasons why your decision is the right one. 


1. They encapsulate the history

If you thought history can be associated with the monuments, think again! High-end watches are deeply rooted in history. Regardless of which watch you pick up; it will come wrapped in a rich tradition of the craft of watchmaking. The legacy of wrist watches can be traced to World War 1. The emblematic Tank watch by Cartier in the year 1917 was inspired by Renault tanks. Wrist watches stood out for their hands-free design and became instantly popular among the soldiers. From the battlefront to being the most coveted fashion accessory, luxury wrist watches carry with them a deep sense of historical significance. When you sport a luxury watch you become a part of that illustrious history that reflects hard work and resilience. 

Luxury watches are akin to the most prized jewelry in the family. Luxury watches have a timeless appeal to them. This is why they serve as a perfect candidate for being a family heirloom. Your much-loved wristwatch would give your family history a spin on it when it gets passed from generation to generation.


2. They make the best first impression

Making the best first impression is crucial for being successful. Another thing that determines your success is how seriously are you taken. The world judges you based on the visual indicators you carry even before you begin to speak. The higher the visual appeal, the better is the first impression and consequently, the more seriously the world takes you. Donning a high-end watch sends a strong message to the world- that you spare no effort to achieve what you want, regardless of the cost. 


3. They are built to last

Luxury watches are nothing if not durable. They are built with innovative - cutting-edge technology that lasts for generations to come. These watches are a perfect blend of modern technology and handmade craftsmanship. The creme- de- la creme of luxury watches like Omega and Rolex bring out the delicate balance between technological innovations and intricate, high-quality handmade movements. 

These premium watches are subjected to the highest levels of quality control. Each piece is deemed worthy of the label only if it passes all indicators of the stringent quality assurance mechanism. 


4. They are a work of art

A luxury watch is as much a work of art as it is a science. Science makes your life easy, it is the art, however, that lends your life a layered and nuanced meaning.

The science expressed in varied forms of art is what makes these watches a collectible item. Just like the Petite Heure Minute Thousand Year Lights manufactured by Jaquet Droz had only 28 pieces worldwide and is deemed a collector’s delight. Miniature hand paining, lacquer encrusted mother-of-pearl, all placed on an exquisite blue alligator leather strap has the collectors going after it. The premium watches are so prized that they give the best jewelers the run for their money.


5. They enhance your image

Premium luxury watches are not purchasing, they are an investment. Each model comes with a price tag that far exceeds the price of the costliest generic watches. The fact that you can afford a luxury watch or two (or more) reflects on the amount of hard work you put in to be able to own these watches. The premium range of watches is an exercise in image building. 

There is a certain air of sophistication, class, and panache that is associated with the wearer of these watches. Owing them elevates the perception about your sartorial choices quite a few notches up. By carrying a much-coveted luxury watch you become synonymous with power, prestige, and adventure. 


6. They have stood the test of time

Why buy a mechanical watch in the world that is fast relying on smartwatches for everything? Digital technology belongs to an ever-changing landscape. The technological flux results in short shelf life for even the most desired watches. Digital watches are extremely utilitarian in their purpose. On the contrary, the premium watches are masterpieces that have stood the test of time and occupy a place of pride on your wrist. Smartwatches are designed to have a fling with, whereas your luxury watch is for an eternal romance. A high-end luxury watch is a timeless classic that retains its appeal for decades after you have purchased it. Any luxury timepiece is peerless when an ever-lasting charm becomes the yardstick. 


7. Their craftsmanship is superlative

Nothing comes close to the elegant and superlative craftsmanship of a luxury watch. Hundreds of tiny parts come together to create a flawless symphony of movements. It is these movements that become the centerpiece of a high-end timepiece. It takes years for craftsmen to perfect the movements. The movements are exceedingly complex but designed with such professionalism that even if one of the many parts stops functioning, any certified watchmaker can restore it back to health. A true lover of luxury would always prefer an analog over quartz or smartwatches even though the latter is miles ahead when it comes to convenience. 

The love for luxury watches is a sentiment that transcends the confines of a pragmatic approach. Lusting for finer things in life speaks volumes about your discernible taste. When you have a Rolex Pearl master that has a diamond-encrusted dial sitting majestically on your wrist, all eyes are on you. Luxury watches are not worn for convenience, they are worn to make a statement. A statement that tells the world that you have arrived and are here to stay.

Top 7 Reasons To Own A Luxury Watch
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Top 7 Reasons To Own A Luxury Watch



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