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Grand Seiko





This model incorporates Caliber 9S86, the high-specification movement 
that delivers the same accuracy (-5 to +3 seconds a day) and the same 
power reserve (55 hours) as the core Caliber 9S85, while also offering 
the GMT function that the international traveler needs to ensure that 
the accuracy of the time shown is not compromised when the time zone is 
changed. The GMT hand shows the time in the home time zone.

The exterior design is a modern take on the stunning 'Grand Seiko 
Style'—the embodiment of the Grand Seiko design philosophy which was 
first established for the 44GS in 1967—and features a distortion-free, 
wide mirror surface throughout. 

A beautifully delicate and polished finish has been created on the dial,
with a 'Mount Iwate pattern', inspired by the many-ridged contours of 
the Mt. Iwate, the mountain that is visible through the windows of the 
Shizuku-Ishi Watch Studio where Grand Seiko mechanical watches are made.