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Lemania Watches available at Manfredi Jewels

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    • The company "Lugrin SA" was founded in 1884 in Le Sentier in the Vallée de Joux by Alfred Lugrin, a watchmaker specializing in complication movements (skills acquired at the Jaeger-LeCoultre). By virtue of the quality of the movements received the first official recognition in Milan in 1906 and in Bern in 1914; the movements produced in this period were predominantly chronograph. In 1930, the successor to Alfred Lugrin, Marius Meylan, changed the company name in "Lemania Watch Co." with headquarters in L'Orient. In 1932 Lemania, Omega and Tissot gave birth to SSIH. Born from the collaboration with Omega large chronograph calibers, including the 1873 Lemania (Omega 861) that, by equipping the Omega Speedmaster, he participated in NASA's expeditions since 1962 up to the landing on the moon in 1969. Since the '70s a new crisis of the watch industry due to the appearance of the clocks with electronic movement struck the SSIH which at that time gathered about 50 brands until you arrive, in 1980, entrusted the administration controlled by the creditor banks to Nicolas Hayek. In 1978, with the launch of the "5100", an automatic chronograph caliber, the Lemania started a collaboration with the Heuer that will last until 1985. The last collaboration with Heuer came in 1995 when the 1873 manual winding movement was mounted on the reissue dell'Heuer Carrera. In 1981 Lemania exits SSIH group changing its name to "Nouvelle Lemania". Nouvelle Lemania in 1992 was acquired by the "Groupe Horloger Breguet" which in turn, in 1999 Vieve acquired by "Swatch Group".
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